What do I add this year ?


Tis the season and as always the question is how many of last years bulbs will be burning brightly after being in storage? We will see. Last year I separated the upper and lower sets of lights and display items and stored the garden area set up in the workshop loft rather than hump the load upstairs.

This year I’m trying to get a head start on things so that lighting up day can be December 1st. Last year 3 more shooting stars were added and as time moves on people are expecting something new for this year ….. but what ?

In my mind’s eye I’m seeing 2 big Christmas trees made out of wire frames or using two sets of step ladders one above the other ? But without a cat!


Thanksgiving Eve, if there is such an animal and all outside goodies and decs retrieved from the workshop loft. Standard untangling mayhem and testing of lights. 3 sets needing a little work so time to gird loins once more and off to Cortez. First stop get rid of the old axle and receive the princely sum of $6.32 in salvage!! Now time for Walmart, an oil change, birthday card for Brenda, and look through their Christmas section for ideas.

Nothing exciting, but that’s Walmart, so get the replacement bulbs and spares and a few add on items and start planning. Thursday lay out some of the garden bits and with cocktails flowing no ladder work today!

Friday and Brenda’s birthday so not much happening on the decs side today. The 3 stars get set up their trees and an old windmill which will be the basis for the new feature gets dragged out from the junk pile behind the workshop.

Saturday and its pool once more so decorating takes a back seat and the full attack begins tomorrow.

Sunday, let chaos begin! Cat secured in bathroom…… not happy, and load after load comes down from the loft. Major issue is the lights on the Christmas tree so yet another Walmart run for 7 strings to get that project complete before nightfall.


400 new bulbs later!


Frosty is happy to be out again

Progress has been slow but between school runs various portion are now complete and today is Wednesday and I’ve had to take the afternoon off as I’m running behind. However, if I can get going when the morning run is complete I should get the last row of ice lights done over the upper balcony and the last star winched up to the top of the house. Some more deers to add to the growing herd out by the waterfalls and then the mega wire up to the outlets.

Wednesday went more or less to plan so by 1830 I’m done and a new star lights up the Dolores night sky. Still plenty to do when I get back from my 3 day trip to Montrose with the basketball teams.


First look


The one and only tacky blow-up


More deers


NEW for 2014

Sunday and tidy up time on wiring looms and set about the last remaining features that I want to add to this year’s display. With the lights burning brightly for the last 3 nights Brenda has been receiving favorable reports from all and sundry…… so time to get the new features underway.


Bring on the staple gun


Just too much fun for el puss

Something NEW down the rose bed area and the old windmill gets rebuilt and the base board is cut and retaining brackets fabricated and fitted. By 1630 its in place  and working. Last task for the day is a set of white LED lights on an old Santa.


The NEW feature for 2014, the rose bed lights up


An old Santa joins in

Still 5 items to do but I’m out of extension cables so yet another Walmart run this morning. The NEW Angel feature is completed but once up it just doesn’t look the way I wanted it so a rethink on this one. Brenda doesn’t like the center feature so a bit of modification here. The outside garden swings are now all moved so as not to detract from the lights and the Beemer got moved to the rear of the building for the same reasons.

Judgement Day coming soon!



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