Warmer? yes, wind gusting 30 !   ….. another crap cycling day. Getting to the point of depression as everything else in life is becoming awful to boot! Staying the safe social distancing, wearing gloves and mask, disinfecting things, fighting the side effects of the chemo drugs and of course cancer itself ……… and ALL for WHAT ?

Forecast for 30 mph winds, day and night, until Tuesday ….. great! Well at least I can do some weeding in the meantime. ….. and now, a weather alert …… Strong Winds gusting 55 mph !

I pushed on with some more weeding of the driveway and rose bed, which is looking very nice this year. Then  replanting of cotoneaster seedlings, of which there were three. Out with a dead fir tree which was a shame but when they die they sure look scruffy.

Two more fir trees died over the winter for no apparent reason which is a bit annoying as they seemed to be in prime condition. I wonder what killed them and left the others around them to flourish?

? very annoying

Despite the less than perfect conditions for our vintage cyclist I shall be trying for a few more today just to show willing and not give up in the face of adversity. Another two-parter with 19+ in the morning after a late start. Clean up on a large fallen branch amid all the fluff from the cottonwood tree and then out for part 2 which seemed a bit easier even though it was blowing like hell. Total for the day a happy 31.22

Looks like I was a bit behind with the watering of my new plants with the strong drying winds and higher temperatures! Serious dose of  rectification in that department and back on track with happy plants.

Monday and no change with the dreadful winds and now suddenly three local wildfires all within 20 miles. Never mind not within my riding zone so out for another two-parter and 32.51 joins the tally as I approach my next target of the 1500 mile banner.

For whatever reason the winds are even stronger today and one huge gust had me in a minor panic mode and some rapid reactions to get my feet out of the cleats before I had a disaster!

After 13.65 miles of this I called it quits and can only hope it abates later in the afternoon. It didn’t, so I didn’t and the target stayed intact!

Wednesday and really no change, the wind is still fierce, the temps are still good and my plants seem to have bedded in. The quest goes on finishing at 27.84 for the day and well clear of the 1500 marker on 1523.39 so realistically maybe 1750 by the end of the month?

Wednesday and out in a  vintage US Army “BE all you can BEE” outfit which was their advertising slogan circa 2000 ….. even comes with matching socks

Busy Bee







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