When I was a boy I joined an organization formed by Lord Baden-Powell called the Scouts, or in my
case the junior scouting movement known as the Cubs. The uniform consisted of a green wooly pully
and cap and as you went through the system of learning all the new manly skills you got sew on
patches to adorn your pullover…… I don’t remember there being one for bike building !

The passion for the Trials Cub started when I was 16 and ventured into the sport and two of the
regular weekend winners were Cub mounted, namely Murray Brush and Gordon Farley who was one
year older than me. Gordon of course was something else and went on to be British Champion
breaking Sammy Miller’s long time grip on the trophy. Interstingly both Gordon and Sammy were
“knees together” men which requires faster reactions and a lot more “body english” to compensate.

My first Cub was a lamentable thing being a Bushman and not a true Trials Cub, so not much to say
about that. I had always promised myself a proper one and this ambition was finally realised in 2006
when money was no object so I bought the show model from Sammy Miller and had it sent to the

When it arrived there were an awful lot of things I did not like ! The Amal carb and throttle were horrid,
the heavy weight Triumph forks were original and clunked on topping out every time the front wheel
came off the ground. The whole front end was changed  to Yamaha, which was OK but increased the wheelbase. The carb was changed to Keihn but although giving good performance the inlet wasn’t
long enough so that had to go too.

First change to some TY250 Yam forks and front wheel

Finally BSA forks were fitted while I waited for a Ceriani stem to be made and a Dellorto Carb from
Martin Adams completed the picture. Having got the bike semi friendly performance wise, I went
through a seies of arse over headers for no apparent reason in some relatively simple sections until
it was discovered the SM pegs were the cause …. TOO high and TOO far forward. These were
replated and reset 2″ down and 2″ back and that was then the “NO EXCUSE CUB”

Phase II with BSA B50 forks and a Yam front wheel…….. better !

The Dellorto made a world of difference

The footrest mod, 2″ back, 2″ down…….. now it handles

At this stage it was as “perfect” as I could see. All excuses were down to
rider error

So what am I up to now with all these current mods you ask ? If it was perfect what are you messing
with it for ? True most of the stuff is cosmetic and won’t change handling or performace just yet……..
but there is a 270cc engine lurking just around the corner……. one day, one day !

In 2007 I was at Chehalis and saw Ray’s early version of his “ONE TRICK CUB” and he allowed me
to have a test ride after the event. From the initial ride I didn’t see any big differences to mine but I was
VERY IMPRESSED with his fabrication and in particular the Stealth fighter F117 style fuel tank. When I
first saw the angular design my mind went straight back to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf War and
watching these non convential, ugly some would say, fighters slip off into the sky for Iraq

The F117 fighter with its angular “stealth” construction

The unique shape of the Stealth Fighter

Perhaps you too can now see the similarity ?  Some Red Bull will give it

Of course in the interim since Chehalis Ray was in hospital for a “major rebore” for himself and fairly
obviously his enthusiasm waned for a while but on speaking to him in recent months we remembered
his offer to build me a “Stealth Tank”….. and then we added on an oil tank, some footrest hangers, a
front frame to take his tank and a flat bash plate to overcome the rolly polly thing from Sammy.

Fabrication is in full swing with two frames on the go, front half for me, and a complete one for Ray or
another prospective customer. Frames have been dismantled, SA bearing/bushing eased out and
now time to cut off the upper seat mount, pump mounting lugs for a bicycle pump, frame lock on the headstock. Then a dose of remover and the power wash before the tweaking and welding.

With that portion of the fabrication done time to configure that bash plate which will need to be bent
round the frame contures. Once shaped the mounting lugs can be configured and the footrest
supports can also be added. Don’t forget you can follow along on this blog and on Ray’s site at  or give him a call for some Skyping 925 300 7862

Never ever having tried this powder coating business, although of course I’ve seen many results of
same, time to start thinking color. As an Englishman what could be more appropriate than British
Racing Green on a Triumph ? Or maybe its just me sewing badges on my Cub scout wooly pully. British Racing Green sounds good but, a shade too dark to have impact, so I’m looking at something
with a bit more pep. Looking at a purple I’m very tempted but I already have one in the shape of the
Enfield so I’m into the voyage of discovery in the green spectrum.

Fantastic depth of color…… but I already have one

The BRG lacks something here, a bit bland

Too pale I think

Not a bad color on the ergonomic slum, the green is a tad too dark

I like this variation but I think I would always be drawn back to this image
of Horse Box Racing

 Could this be it ??? ……. and apart from the pleasing color it has an
amusing anecdote which is significant to tie in with the F117 Stealth tank.

On my return to the UK from Saudi, between Desert Shield and Desert
Storm, I was talking to a blonde in a pub over Christmas that year and
mentioned that I was involved with the “Gulf Crisis”. She said she hadn’t
driven one yet and clearly thought it was a “new” model from VW !!!!

Great !

 Back to reality the weather has changed again, back to cold and windy but several indoor tasks done
with a lot of polishing completed, colored cables trimmed, stop studs fitted on the SA, and the
workshop cleaned up ready
for the arrival of next week’s parts. Might get the Cub engine up on the
bench today and have a look at 
that before swopping horses to the Superglitz. Yet more snow all day,
very cold and miserable.

Cables and spares finished and trimmed

An old very full width “new” alloy guard…….. 5-10 years of storage

Sgt Wadman was right again !

The B50’s get a dose of Autosol after some buffing

The tank is off to ebay


 Meanwhile over in the “other workshop” Ray has been sourcing some really nice aircraft alloy for peg
plates and bash plates. Measuring, design and fabrication is now under way. Once the template is
done the cutting out and finishing can be done on the real stuff. Ray also has some new ideas for a
different rear sub frame as he has some Reynolds 531 tubing in stock.

All lined up

About here

Meanwhile in the bitter cold, snow and rain the Cub engine gets a bath and I have a look at where
this offset sprocket would go. Seems it won’t as I have the easy access door already fitted and that
neatly takes up the 0.2″ offset !

Happiness is a cleaned (if unpolished) engine

I can’t see an offset sprocket fitting in here !



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