With the sign demolished time to get back in the garden for the  next phase of weeding and removal of that arsebine!

Finally the second round of weeding is finished and more water is added to beds and grass.

The hanging baskets of toms are nearly done but the other bucket rescued from Walmart is ripening and the radish and lettuce I planted are going well and we should be harvesting them soon.

Coming to an end

Nearly ready

Radish and lettuce coming along

A replacement trailer was located over in Durango and an easy decision to buy followed and now its home and a few extra tie downs are all fitted.

Not bad for the money

BMW duly loaded up and off to a Beemer techy to fix the dreaded ethanol gummed up injectors/fuel pump and anything else it has ruined in the last 3 years.

Trenches dug,  but still no pipe!

Still major problems with finding our main water pipe which we have to connect some sort of backwash assembly to …… don’t ask but if you don’t do it the nice town will turn off your water???

A day off the garden to take the Beemer to Montrose and discover a couple of the tie down brackets already fitted are not strong enough so another minor job to get on with.

Dean, the plumber turns up ….. (you have to remember plumbers don’t dig trenches) and the next phase of discovery begins. 4′ down in the trench another wire appears?   and below that some sand which is often used as the first part of the “backfill” over water lines and other plumbing mysteries! This seems to be the best clue yet to the buried treasure.

My birthday comes and goes, nice chocolate cake, and a cold water bottle that actually stays cold!

Next event, other than the Plateau Fire which is getting bigger by the day and only a few miles away over the ridge, is Escalante Days. The Parade runs as usual but the bike race venue has to move due to the fire. Arm wrestling and chain sawing take place as normal.

Let the sawing begin

Bill of chain saw and pool cue fame!

Grandson, Jake, puts in a very impressive time and thinks he has won!

Enter  “The Master” as Grandad Bill beats Jake by 5 seconds!!!

More diggers for the trench have a “go” and eventually the pipe is found en- route to Australia so now the work can continue!

Long way down but here it is

Don’t fall in!

A huge storm contains the fire and the recently sown second row of radish germinate in 3 days. The Walmart recued “toms” are all changing color and have a good taste ……. and the surprise of the year is the 5 year old trumpet vine has finally produced some blooms

Row 2 on the radish

Ripening toms

More of natures bounty

Blooms after 5 years

More to come

A disturbing tale on my birthday down at the Brewpub when a  local teacher who lives up the road at Stoner, 14 miles up river, tells me of an event “near and dear” to my heart. He says he often sees me cycling and always gives me the 3 feet clearance and one day in the recent past was looking back in his rear view mirror when he saw a bear loping across the road right behind me!!!!!

I thought this was photoshopped!!!!!

At close of play on 18 th August the cycling tally was 3412.12


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