The Owl & The Pussycat get ready for summer sailing

Sunday, lovely warm weather and time to put to sea again. First get the fishing licenses and some bait. McPhee is full to bursting so not sure how fishing might be but always worth a try. More to celebrate Father’s Day and the fact that Brenda has so many memories of boating with her father.


The Captain says that after further review she wants to delay 24 hours to ensure everything is ready.


Fishing tackle checked

I weed the boathouse and surrounds and make a small start on the center bed before “the beer” calls and then not much gets done from that point.

So, Monday morning and all’s well, new lights are checked, tools loaded along with rods, tackle, refreshing beverages and a light lunch.

A day away from weeding and biting insects will be nice but Brenda has discovered another use for “Off”


It seems this stuff might, or might not work on mossies but it sure is good on faded headlights and does the job without grinders and whirling electric drills


Now you see me

So we arrives with our sparkling headlights at the lake and see they have changed the sequence and directions in and out the inspection and parking area.


At Inspection and making ready for sea

Through inspection, plug in, and down the ramp to the water. Yes, as expected pretty full lake after record snow falls in the mountains over the winter.


Plan B is clean again

Boat released smoothly and I await the arrival of the Captain. Plan B starts, and following a little engine exercise we put to sea. The lake is VERY full and we ride round and cruise up to House Creek where the other boat ramp is which is only open now at the weekends.


Working well, thanks Reliable Marine

The water is SO DEEP that you can now clamber ashore pretty close to your RV site


Deep in thought

Nice to see the Captain so happy and all those memories flashing through her mind.

Back to our fishing area towards Dolores and the depth finder tells us its 10 feet  deeper than last year.


You can but try

Fishing begins but not even a single nibble which in view of the time and conditions didn’t really surprise me.

Back to the dock and once more through the system and home we go. Plan B back in her boathouse after a good testing of all systems. Now time for some adult beverages.

Day1 success !





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