It had to happen

Here we go again, another week on the School Bus and then off for Thanksgiving week. Not sure how the Turkey will taste as the last bit of turkey I had tasted awful!

I do have Chemo 11 to get through on 11/27 which is the day before Thanksgiving so I’m hoping no nausea and a gentle day.

Sunday, a good sleep, and plenty to watch on TV today. Back on Facebook I see my 3 favorite choices ( British Immigrants) are still lined up on the grid, who will take pole?   …… the crunch is yet to come and only time will tell but as we know about 2 months is a long time in the car business so patience,   … but be prepared for disappointment.

Now rated No 1 in my list on beauty alone

Just gorgeous!

No 2 still has total appeal especially with its price drop and distance from me. …….. we will see


Still dreaming

……. and then there is the big one with the Shaq RR

All very nice 

Don’t know why but there seems to be a load of MASS selling of watches going on. A couple of them would look pretty good with “Whatever” driving pleasure is yet to come!

Following on the disappointment theory, 2 of my front runners dropped off the Facebook marketplace and were forcing me to think again. By this morning 1 of the 2 had returned so I’m hoping No 3 will be back up soon. Almost 0900 and No 3 is back! I wish they wouldn’t keep doing that but its certainly an incentive to get my arse back in gear as soon as this chemo crap is over with.























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