It never stops does it ? In the world card game of “Bridge” we seem to be short suited in Common Sense and playing against the dumbest hand of Trumps!

Here are the Jack, Queen and King of the suit and of course the Ace is missing.

“Meanwhile” The Head Loon friended Jesus I’m told but the request was denied!

I’m assuming this was to give him some free time off this weekend as he clearly needs it after all the nonsense from last week!

Once again his advisors have not yet told him he doesn’t have the authority to override State Governors but let him go his own way and make an even bigger fool of himself.

Malaria drugs and face masks are clearly important issues as you can only imagine and see whatever Dumbshit  does his followers will surely do too!

The mind boggles

Please !

It never stops 

Another “F” on the school report!

……. and then we come to masks and social distancing and maybe being polite to others

……… and so he did …… the Fat Boy goes golfing

and I’m told he cheats

Did you expect anything else?

Morbidly Obese 

Opening up and getting ready for the upsurge of cases

6′ apart from another case

This is REAL Social distancing!

Watch this space for more …….

“Meanwhile”  religious leaders were forced to meet up in a local

Being “FAKE NEWS” it was incorrectly reported ……..

………. and there we have it/rab bit    ……




One thought on “MORE LUNACY”

  1. Thanks for the Blog. Love it. Came across it when looking for info on twin shock frame mods. Intriguing other posts as well as I’m British, but married to a US citizen with relatives up and down the West Coast – all of whom would concur with your views on the Donald… On another note, as I scrolled rapidly through the blog looking for motorcycle pics (oh how shallow we become in old age) I saw the pictures of your heels. Ouch! I’m sure the cause of my intermittent experiences of this is very different to yours, but I have found real relief in a simple cream called “Flexitol” which softes hard skin and help avoid cracking. Keep up the writing and the riding! Tony

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