Not the route I’m taking!

Yes, more miles in some faint hope that if I keep the body fit and strong maybe, just maybe, it will fight back against the cancer. A forlorn hope I know but in this desperate situation I’m open to any suggestions!

Another 37.23 for yesterday’s efforts and now closing in on the 1200 as we endure the heatwave, and of course yet another round of strong winds, and Red Flag Weather Alerts. Stopped at the Brewpub for a couple of very nice beers and a pleasant hour and a half consuming same. A good Friday!

Another record for 5 days!

Yet more rides in the 30’s and now I’ve knocked up 173.84 in the last 5 days!! with today’s 36.44 Perhaps I should try for 27 and then be able to say I did 200 in 6 days!

Time to get going!

A fantastic day in France with our local boy from Durango, Sepp Cuss taking the stage win! Time for me to impress myself! How does 31.27 sound ? and a nice cold refreshing beer. More targets achieved and tomorrow is the Tour’s last rest day.


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