Ray works on the prototype “Big Bore” Cub Exhaust

There would seem to be no stopping the Californian fabrication department and here is something I
really like and find quite intriguing.  Over the years many of you will have noted as footrests have got
lighter, wider and more expensive and with the use of cheaper, weaker, and nastier materials that with
the passage of time and use these toys begin to develop a granny droop.

Well not anymore, Master Fabricator Extrordinairre has come up with something that little bit special
and I’ll be privileged to try them out on my Raymobile Cub when I get it all back together.

What normally happens especially with lightweight alloy is the end of the peg that is against the peg
mount gets compressed or the holes in the peg themselves elongate such that when they return to
their normal rest position they now tend to lean out and droop.

Lets have a look at the system in more detail, a simple design which means that as long as you
haven’t broken anything you can adjust as much as you like including a little upward cant if you wish.
A stainless steel angle bracket fits over the peg stop and is secured by two screws at the correct
position. A third screw with locking nut comes through the unit from behind and now as it is adjusted
the stainless plate pushes into contact with the toe of the peg in its level position. When you have the
desired position tighten up the lock nut and the two slide screws and you are done

Ray knows just how much I love polished alloy and his apprentice, John, is mastering the “art” …… so
as a special bonus they polished the footpeg set, and have set about the bash plate ! Of course I
knew he would be polishing the tanks as per the “One Trick Cub” and from the latest progress reports
it looks like the oil tank is nearly finished way ahead of schedule. That will leave the new design tank
and brake pedal and the modified exhaust which will need to go to the powder coater for some
ceramic treatment.

John starts on my bash plate

Glasses on for the heavy duty stuff

What’s this ??

John turns the oil tank into a shaving mirror

Now that sure is pretty !

One Coors Silver Bullet later…… v nice !

 With all these endeavours in California I’d better get my proverbial in gear next week and set about my remaining parts in Colorado. With Superglitz done, it really is No Excuses for the Cub and of course
Brenda’s mini TY 125.

Clean but nothing special

Cables and pipes need a reorg

The engine was whipped onto the bench, washed and cleaned but now needs that bit extra before
being mated up with all this hi-tech out of state stuff. I’m thinking some fin cutting as it was never done
in the past and would give it a sort of “Harleyesque” look. No color changes this time round, just black
and silver with muuucho elbow grease and a splash of Solvol.

The wheels were done and I’m still undecided on spacer or not but leaning towards putting it back in
to keep the chain run as before. I have made a swinging arm protector so that is done and ready. A lot
more demon polishing on the NEW old alloy wide rear guard and another couple of doses on those
B50 forks but that can be done while watching TV as I’m now running out of time.

Wheels up to standard, back sprocket spacer or not ?

 A few busy days of school bus driving so no fiddling with bikes and then a full Sunday of gardening to
get that all up to speed before summer is upon me. Consultation with the Guru who tells me phase 1
is complete and the mainstay pile of goodies will be shipped today, 4/30/12.

From what started as just a Stealth tank has now become a complete modified frame, with tweaked
head, braced top frame, widened front mount, a set of precision spacers, beautiful bash plate, custom
made peg hangers, left side oil tank, seat pan unit and all the associated hardware.

New set of spacers

What the rocks will see

Ray has added a drain plug, upper mounts fix to the frame offset angled
plate under the seat pan

All the brass hardware  suitably “plumber’s taped”

Easy access door to fill

Easy grip filler cap

Top section velcros on

My parts ready to go in front of more of Ray’s fine work on a BSA

Now that’s a lot of work !

First batch now with UPS 4/30/12


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