More to come up in that, there, loft! Wasted a bit of time polishing a front and back TY set of spindles only to find the threads had been ruined by someone hammering them out. A little grease is the way to go when fitting after you have decruded same, also applies to the faces of the brake shoes and the actuator they fit on. Makes such a big difference.

That’s how clean I like them to be, and now add a little grease

Good start in the house and found my entire stock of Yamaha TY stickers in all engine capacities and Majesty. Also found a load of Harley sew on patches, and my collection of old watches, and their instruction manuals.

Tank decals

Majesty if you are that lucky

Quick trip into town as the only engine enamel I didn’t have was, believe it or not BLACK! Reds, blues, yellows and silver but no black. Well about 10 different  items to photograph and list……. YIPEEEE!

Cleaned up and ready to paint

The head gets cleaned and sprayed along with a 1974 set of cable guides, a rear shock, only one, gets a bit of reconditioning and three bicycle helmets are cleaned and ready to photograph. More paint stripper on 4 brake plates. I’m done now and its champers and shrimp to kick off SUPERBOWL 55.

Great game, rather pleased Brady won, youth will get it’s day. Poor night’s sleep with the wretched running eyes. well lets see what today can bring as yet another (the last) oil reservoir sells.

Three sold, truly amazing

Today’s mission, finish the TY Cyclinder head along with cable guides and clean up two useable axels. Not going to happen! but the good news was that the Medical Insurance cards arrived meaning the Auditor has finished rummaging through accounts and life can go back to normal.

A bit of a surprise when the check arrived!

Checks all paid into the bank including another as my beautiful Beretta shotgun down in Phoenix also sold!

No more nosing about in Bank Accounts

Another awful night’s sleep and ended up sitting up in the lounge where I could close my eyes without them stinging. I think I got about 4 hours. It really is the limit !

Better have a nice slow day and get back to normal. Maybe the TY head and a couple of axels and decorate my two new posh cycling helmets. A lot of questions about my old Lazer helmet so another load of photos for the potential buyer so they can see everything.

My favorite Lazer helmet getting a lot of interest … SOLD!

Just to prove YOU CAN sell anything, I had only 1 rear shock of the standard pair, and yes, believe it or not it’s SOLD!!!


Some progress on the Head as the fins get cut, the broken one removed, and now the cutting back to bright metal to give them that new look.

All painted and dried now watch this!

Bright metal appears

Two plugs or a decompressor

You might remember this one was a bit scruffy

Repainted and varnished

Original front brake cable guides from 1974….. lot of interest!

A Clutch case could sell between $50-70

What will see today? I have a few more items to get ready and as I’m knee deep in all this stuff time to start putting it away in places that I can find it. Still convinced there is a lot more up in the loft so I think I’ll try up there again and see what I have. Another dusting of snow overnight and daily showers all week.

Closer, and closer, on the car deal, tomorrow or Friday and transfer funds then await delivery, but it’s still so bloody cold I don’t want the poor thing covered in snow, now of course I wish I had a garage.









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