Man, that’s one BIG tire!

 Madam has now recovered from the last ride on the Deuce but with a vast array of Hardley
Albeson clothing suggests we look at the V Rod as maybe with the big fat rear tire, just maybe,
the seat will be wider and a bit more comfortable.

With all the “goodies”

……..and so it was, or nearly, the trade is done and the new parts ordered which include a
bigger and better seat, remove the rear billet pegs and replace with floor boards similar to the
Beemer, a backrest and roll bag carrier, and some decent exhausts to give it a bit of personality.
HD are unable to sort out an intercom system so that will be a do it yourself.

The machine is prepped and we go to collect it and they start it up and it’s about as noisey as
a singer sewing machine….. a quick look at the pipes…….”when are the new ones coming?”…..
“you don’t like them?” ……”They are OK but they are not what I ordered!”…….”Hmmmm”

The new Arais with Screamin’ Eagle Motif

3 days later I roll it out complete with the new pipes and it now has a bit of a rumble but
without overstating itself and setting off car alarms like the Deuce used to do. The new Arai
helmets are color coordinated to match the bike along with a pleasing decal that fits the bill
perfectly. So another $30,000 sets off on the voyage of discovery……. but we did get 2 free
Tee Shirts!

A few local area rides to get some running in done and an almost continual refuelling as this
thing only holds an egg cup full of fuel in the under seat tank. The digital led fuel display you
can physically watch descending as you ride along so I’m guessing I have about 80 miles
between stops. Again a very pretty bike and perhaps a little more user friendly than the Deuce
but with all the normal heavy metal of the Harley marque.

We have to put 1000 miles on the beast and then it goes in for revamping and tuning the
performance side of the engine, whatever that entails….. all I know is they gave me a “little
black box” said don’t lose it and bring it back with the bike when you have 1000 on it. So the
plan is to take this one back up to our Cozy Comfort RV Park in Dolores and have a gentle
ride round the Ouray Loop.

Ready to roll with the wet gear at Dolores

The New SE jackets

Setting off from Dolores it’s lovely and sunny and we glide along the route going up to
Teluride and decide to take a smoke break at the new bar in Rico. While we are there we
meet a couple of Harley riders who have just come the other way and they tell us the weather
is a mix of rain/sleet and thick snow!……. and its only September!!

Following the Dolores River

We look up the valley and see the huge black clouds blocking the pass and the odd flash and
boom. Hmmmmm, I don’t think so, and the plan gets changed and we beat feet back to
Dolores, put the bike back in the trailer and spend the rest of the day in the Hollywood bar.

Next outing is our trip to Napa Valley, a trip to the bay, over the famous bridge and back up
the Valley for day 1. Day 2 will be the wine tasting, then up sticks and head south to Hollister
Hills for a day off and a trial on the Saturday. The Friday plan is to run down to Monterey and
visit Clint Eastwood’s Hogs Breath for lunch. Part one goes well with the trip into San Fran,
the duty lunch and the ride over the Golden Gate but then everything gets horribly congested
on the long way back but at least we can cautiously use the California rules to get through
the traffic. Miss a turn during a road works diversion and end up on a road I have no memory
of…. 5 miles of this and chilly too, a quick turn around and back to Calistoga and the bus.

Over the Golden Gate

The trip to Monterey gets the veto, as it’s not a sore bum this time, more a sore head thanks
to the volume of fine wine…. well it had to be done! …… since then a couple of local runs and
now after nearly two years we are up to nearly 700 miles….. WOW, now that’s a lot of motoring
and the Eagle is SCREAMING for more rides.

I’m better now

Tony Down  with a Screamin Eagle

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