YES, it could come to this

Just when you think it is over HE does it AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN! There really is no end to it and his butterfly mind switches from subject to subject without reaching any conclusion or even a glimmer of logic and common sense.

Difficult to say it any other way.

The chaos of re-opening industry and leisure together really have no comparison, and the political suggestion that its essential, by the Loon and cheering on supporters breaking laws, and insulting State Governors is on the verge of inciting a civil war. Why in hell can’t someone get this clown removed from office before he commits any more of this deadly nonsense

Sadly too late, and tha spelin  aint much betterer iether

Arrest them ALL

A gay squad ? Surely there must be a DAM conspiracy?

…… and as if the death toll from the virus is not bad enough the fucking moron now announces he has been on hydroxychloroquine for the last 10 days because “he” thinks it’s good. I’m thinking his family has bought a massive shareholding!

“I’ve heard good reports from lots of great people”

Well as it comes in a fish tank cleaning variety it would help to drain the swamp and killed the last person in Arizona the same afternoon he tried it !

I suppose it is true and you really can’t fix stupid, and it appears its passed down in generations as 3rd in charge Lemon still believes its a democratic hoax

According to him the virus will vanish on 4th November

“MEANWHILE” across the pond it is nice to see there is still some good coming from others as Capt Tom pushed his walker around his garden to raise money for the National Health Service on his 100th birthday. He raised 32Million GBP for his efforts, WELL DONE SIR!

For his endeavors, HM The Queen, promoted him to honorary Colonel, something I have not seen in my years in the RAF, and clearly his efforts touched the Queen and she has decided to give him a Knighthood¬† ¬†……. how absolutely wonderful!

Well done Sir Tom

as for this bunch of dummies I wouldn’t give you my garden weeds for the whole lot of them.

Thank God

Well that time of the year again for Tornadoes and Hurricanes, as if there hasn’t been enough awful weather for the South and Mid West for the last 7 months or more ?

I’m sure they will!

Outside it is then

……… but as you are a Harley rider I can hardly expect you to wear a mask as you won’t wear a fucking helmet!


……. and finally, ……..

It’s all about TIMING

these stickers too









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