The weather will not play ball today!

Wednesday 8/18 and another flat stage, and another one tomorrow. Mighty big crash about 7 miles from the finish so a bit of a shake up in the results. But of course for the GC riders it’s not until the Mountain Stages that it gets interesting.

Leader involved in big crash with 7 miles to go

Went to bed at 2100 last night and could not get to sleep again despite pills. I’m wearing myself out doing nothing! and no sleep is taking it’s toll. A very easy day for me with very light gardening which I hope will include positioning Sally’s Pheasant which was last year’s Christmas present. I have it placed mentally but need to cut some of the sage back so that it can be seen.

Made a gentle start dead heading more roses, which have been quite exceptional this summer, but then it all changed!

More Dead heading

Gloom and doom arrived and the first of the thunderstorms arrived with some torrential rain! The lower lawn was flooded, well it needed it and of course that put an end to any outside pursuits for the day.

Tomorrow looks very similar with a slight improvement Friday and that seems to be the case as at 0600 this morning the storms are still booming and its still raining with 80-90% rain all day and night.

Another day of it
And a lot more of this

An enforced rest day! However, despite all my ailments I did sleep a bit better. Don’t see much happening outside today, but there might be a break or two for me to work with the pheasant and maybe “pot up” some Russian Sage cuttings. My Met Officer dog, Mercury, hates this weather and is currently in the bath which is her sanctuary when its this nasty.

Lunchtime and the weather “seems” to be improving, but it could be a sucker’s gap, so, if I do go out I think a rain jacket might be the order of the day. I make an unexpected 12.68 but forced to up the pace and get back to the house before it starts again.

Meanwhile back in Spain, the last of this group of “flat stages” has a sting in the tail with a vicious little climb in the finishing town. Roglic very nearly catches the last man in the breakaway but finishes a close second getting some extra bonus seconds and the Leader’s jersey again while putting time into everybody else. Mountains tomorrow!

Roglic nearly catches the last man in the breakaway but finishes 2nd


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  1. If Roglic gave him a clear answer despite the tension of the crash and the downhill finale, Haig said he was more baffled by Movistar’s apparent unwillingness to keep working and pushing the gap open on Bernal and Yates. Haig admitted, I didn’t collaborate on the climb, I was pretty pinned. But I said when we get to the final I’ll do my best and let’s try and put some time into these guys. They helped a little bit, but I expected more because we were distancing a champion.”

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