Not for much longer, we hope

Every day is a mystery in this current age and it would seem that we no sooner get back on track after one set of “bizarre lulus” and then we are plunged headlong into another bout of absurd ideas and moronic drivel.

What is this all about ?   is he trying to start a civil war?

It just goes from bad to worse!

sadly this is ONLY going to ESCALATE!!!!

That he is, and a Major embarrassment on the Global Stage

If this Pandemic has taught us anything then my No 1 pick would be the Exposure of Idiots in positions of Authority. We have Cities suing Federal Gov and school teachers suing their state Governor, and quite rightly so. People with ZERO experience in ANY field are giving their opinions and some dumbasses are in FULL belief of these wildly misleading statements. I saw some of this myself both in the Falklands War and Gulf War I . The classic “promoted one step above his ability” syndrome…….. here are a few noteworthy examples of those that have NO PLACE in authority

Box of rocks!

A bigger box !

This surely has to be the WINNER !!!

Perhaps, given that we have an election in the very near future, some of the electorate will remember what some of these clowns said and vote them out of office ….. I live in hope!

Interesting to see after hi-jacking all the Covid 19 information from the CDC the fairly predictable death rates dropped for 2 days as the new and improved Surgeon General of the USA adjusted the number having clearly been told by his advisors and campaign managers that the “Mortality Rate” was the key issue to improving his poll numbers

The key issue again in this rambling interview joke, not forgetting the “cognitive test”

“That’s right Donnie, Elefunt ….. well done”

Death Rate for the week:    7/15    926

                                                             7/16    872

                                                            7/17     825

                                                           7/18     797

                                                          7/19     392           Amazing ! well done

                                                         7/20     503           well done indeed!

I’m on TV ….. no time         7/21   1075          ooops!

So after two days of adjustments (guess which 2) he is told he will get a better audience for his Covid 19 Briefings …. NO Doctors though!

It’s from the Latin  you Fuckwit!

But it goes both ways

Bringing Peace to Our World

So what will happen next? you ask. In my uninformed opinion when we are dealing with such incompetence and his requirements for numbers, polls and adulation, this will force even MORE ridiculous situations on all of us.

Today he is ranting and raving about how well he did on the cognitive “dementia” test ! Holy shit, you would think he sees this as some universal security clearance !!!  and I have to ask my own question here  …….. “Why was it deemed necessary for him to take a Dementia Test anyway ?  or was he told it was part of his daily Covid testing ?

Yes, you passed

Here are my views, on what’s in store ……… More thuggery from these unwanted special unbranded “police” and some reciprocal violence which I believe is his INTENTION

More daily Covid drivel with the press briefings, but NO DOCTORS to contradict him so , we just say its bad, but don’t tell anybody the numbers : 7/22      70,983  new cases and    1181 Deaths

No action on the “Very Generous” Stimulus Package, as he, and now Munchkin (I like his name spelled that way with the “n” in the right place) have promised   …… more bail outs for who knows who but nothing for the people …….as this will FORCE them back to work!

Thanks very Munch for nothing

Yet more CRAP about children and Schools as this will create more dissent and local flare ups between teachers and parents, and even myself!

Can’t see our old friend “The Wall” coming up just yet as who in their right mind would currently wish to be in what were the United States that he is desperately trying to rip apart.

I was only joking about this a few days ago! Perhaps it WILL become reality ?

So maybe we will be back to the Middle East, China, or North Korea for some sort of conflict which will demand more outrageous actions

Please No


Meanwhile lets see what people think about all this mayhem on the other side of the “pond”

Just a reminder of my years of privilege flying Lancaster PA 474 on the BBMF during the 1980’s. Seen here in the CO’s Guy Gibson’s markings  AJ-G of the 617 Squadron Dambusters

Guy Gibson with his “renamed” lab  “Bugger” for the bomb that bounced over the Dam wall!

thank you

Some thoughts on the virus and a nice cup of tea

and finally …..



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