A liesurely morning waiting for our p.m. start after the upper classes have ridden some lines into the
11 sections. A ride around for a quick look and a trip to the two known areas for apples. Well Priscilla
and Raeph have just about stripped them bare so no apple crumble tonight !

Section 1 is up on the hillside above the parking area and for the 2 line is a run around the outer blue
tape comprising an initial uphill with a little jink to the left and then right up to a rocky path and some
awkward rock steps down to the loose dirt descending downhill. A clean here somewhat jerky and not precisely on line but the score is the same.

Back down to the start area for No 2 coming in off the main track with either a right left jink into the river
from the bank or skirt the top of the bank creeping under the low branches before taking a shallower
entry to the water. Gentle line up to cross to the far bank and pop up on the bank turning right back into
the river for the final uphill and out phase.  My line works well for another clean.

Getting low under the branches

On the far side lining up to come back to the exit bank

At 3 we have a curving downhill on loose dirt into a sharp lefthander back up the bank to pass a
marker before descending into the river for a log crossing, right turn in the water and pick a line up on
what will soon be a muddy bank to the exit. I like the line that Trialsmaster Dan has chosen but see
Dan get in a threesome spot of bother with it. I take a dab on the log which I really didn’t need, must be nerves, so no clean card today!

On the exit of 3

4, I had seen on my morning travels and had already mentally planned a line but on arrival at the
section a much easier route suddenly became clear. A 180 left turn on the top of the bank then drop
down the bank into the river but the new line is steeper to enter the river on the 90 and cross to the
island for a right left between the trees. a recovery phase riding beside the river into a right muddy turn
and back across the water for the uphill exit which has always had plenty of grip. A nice clean on this
one so now a bit of loop riding to No 5.

Section 5, with Alan Duke, is one of those multi use sections and over the years has had many
adaptations and can be ridden in both directions. Today we come in off the muddy path and have a
choice of a righthander on the drier bank or stay in the steam and take the direct uphill in the rocks
and water. At the top over some small roots into a sharp left hander into a downhill through the trees
to the exit. I like the direct approach and it works well for me for another clean.

Out on the standard hillside loop to find 6 which has a reverse figure S start so must be careful not to
cross lines here. Normally a small stone or twig will do as a marker to keep from crossing your own tracks. Tight entry into an uphill rock pile and then a meander to the exit. Dumb dab number two here
on the rock pile….. need to be a little wider next time.

Section 7 has an unusual start with a half root on the opening ledge with 3 line staying on the path
and 1 & 2 over the mini root then gentle downhill across a cut in the rocks before uphill into a very tight
left hander or wider on top of a big flat rock. 2 lines from here on the downhill to the checker. The tight
line works fine this time.

Now at Fishponds which is very muddy again today. Neal Newby is sporting his one glove for the
broken thumb and punching cards with the other. An open 2 line of left and right on the 1 line marker.
1’s stay in the mud while 2’s have the option of a wider line then an adverse on what is half dry dirt to
the upper plateau and full lock turn. I elect to stay in the mud and arrive at the turn slightly off line and
take a giant dab on the big rock to bring the Cub back on line for the next hazard of a rock jumble on
the downhill to the apple tree. Well the Cub WILL go round there so next time maybe?

Through the woods to what looks like the most difficult and daunting section at No 9. After a right left
jink into some nasty big rocks with angles that could grab either wheel and push the bike off line into
an even worse rock cluster. Over this first hazard and then set up for the top turn which requires a
bouncing front wheel over  four boulders to keep the back wheel on the path and avoid some even
bigger rocks. Final problem over some logs and rocks between two trees and find a line to the
downhill exit. I surprize myself here and with a firmish grip on the bars it goes exactly to plan for a
great clean.

Back in the sunshine on the top meadow and down to 10 which drops us down in the brook again.
Downhill start and across the river and up on the bank to turn right around the card. Then back in the
water, up a two foot step into mud and then gentle uphill adverse on dryish dirt. I enjoyed that one for
a precise clean.

Further down the hill and back to Lego Land at the start. I understand the 2 line was modified pre start
after a nasty fall by one of the testers. We enter, stay tight on the blue and complete a right 180 onto
one of the mini bricks which has been ramped up with extra dirt. Off the mini brick keeping right to
avoid another possible crossing tracks scenario. Stay on the red now and enter through the Diamond
and then turn round a giant cable drum, over a log and exit. Perhaps with the previous hazard removed
this one must be the “gimmee” of the day.

Only problem at 11, don’t cross lines coming off this mini brick

Ralph Foster, still with Ahrma, tackles the 1 line of 11

Nicely controlled lofted turn into the Diamond

We are running a two loop card before turning them in so off on the second loop with the hillside
section. Another clean but still not the most skillful ride. At 2 I catch up with Ed and Dave Dewonia and
watch Ed through. Ed takes a wider line to the far bank but the handlebars jacknife on him at the bank
where there must be a big hole or undercut. Ed retires with a sore arm and wet trousers! Dave takes
the same line on the big BSA with the same dunking result ! I creep through on my chosen line but annoyingly catch my new shirt on the overhanging branch and tear a hole in it, but register a clean

Not quite low enough and ripped the “new” shirt !!

Rick Armstrong comes up the 2 line exit

No problems with 3 this time and more good cleans on 4, 5.  6 goes well this time with the wider line.
Clean 7 across the big slab rock and straight on line and now back to the muddy No 8. Top turn much
better but a bit squirrely through the downhill rocks. No matter, a cleans a clean !

The first turn on the adverse of 3

Clean this time on 3 getting ready for the exit

Wolfie on the wider line in 3

The steeper exit works as well

At 9, marks are being lost everywhere with a lot of 5’s as many rocks are on the move. The first jumble
throws me off line and I’m lucky to escape with a 2. Clean both 10 and 11 for a two loop total of 5. As I
collect my last loop card I can see Nick Turner has finished on 14 having lost 12 on the first two loops
while Dan already has 17 from his first two loops. So I have a 9 point advantage going out on the last
loop, and I have cleaned ALL the sections so a clean loop is on the cards if I can keep the A game

Cleans on 1 & 2 so third go at 3 which I cleaned nicely last time. First part perfect but a rolling rock in
the water pushes me wide and I slow to regain the line for the log, pop up and thats it! Stuck firm on
the log and 5 of my 9 point advantage is out the window. I’m beginning to think this new bash plate
hangs too low ??

Last time through 2, and no more rips on the shirt

A little off the ideal line in 3

Bashplate stops me dead in my tracks for a feet up 5 !!

With memories of Turkey Rock when I lost the 4 point advantage I’m trying hard to keep things
composed. Good cleans on 4 and 5 and then a near disaster on 6 when a badly timed dab becomes
a very annoying 3 all on the same side!!!

Fishponds for the last time and a much smoother ride round the top turn and through the downhill
rock hazard. Only 3 sections left.

Arriving at 9 I see Dave on the ground with the big BSA up by the log step between the trees. With his
trial done he tries a practice ride and gets into all sorts of trouble. It then occurs to me that I MUST
clean this one as anything else is not going to help the cause. I walked it, rewalked it and mentally
rode it several times. Well, this is it I need a clean for the win! it probably becomes the best ride of the
day and I felt totally in control and even had time to think ahead!

Just 10 and 11 to go so another rewalk of 10 to make sure there are no hidden extras I don’t know
about. It rides nicely so only the gimmee in lego land and I’m done. Final check on fuel, branches in
wheels, etc and a graceful ride through for the clean and the win.

Big Dave brings the Big BSA through 11 after some nasty crashes on
the loop

Last turn of 11 for the win

Overall I was very pleased with the Cub save for this bash plate thing which is beginning to concern
me as it tends to lock on things rather than slide over them…… I’m still thinking that bottom tube has
got TO GO !!

The ladies were getting “down & dirty too!” with three of them competing in various classes, Sarah
in Advanced, Hannah in Novice and our own June Newby in her third trial in Beginners.

June Newby in her 3rd trial looking much more confident

What will tomorrow bring ? …… but now its pot luck time


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