The Saturday night Pot Luck went as planned with tons of food although my chief requirement was of
the liquid form as I was a little dry ! With a fire ban in force the usual night skies were not lit up with 50′
flames this year and the party broke up into individual drinking sessions without the aid of a camp fire
to help the story telling.

We dropped in on our Canadian friends and had a beer or two before it was time for the late night dog
walk. We swopped plenty of stories and of course the topics soon covered Ahrma and ITSA.  Well
having seen some of the Ahrma results from this season it is very sad that such a large organisation
has alienated so many of its trials riding members, much along the lines of what we forecast last
November. Road America on Jun 9  had only 11 riders, one of those being Modern Support  and the
next scheduled event on Jun 30 was cancelled. July has always traditionally been Donner and for the
many years that I rode there entries were often around the 50 mark but this year were down to 29. The
West Virginia event produced only 3 riders all in different classes so not exactly a competition.
Chehalis which has always been the biggest turnout with entries often in excess of 80 could only field
44 this year and here at Casper a dismal 11 of which 3 Ahrma members are also ITSA and Mtn West. Certainly a far cry from the 50 strong events of the past with 3 rounds of trials over one long weekend.

Early Sunday morning

Today we have 10 sections and we should be finished around noon and get a fair chunk of the
homeward run done before nightfall. I’m also pleased to see my favorite section “The Waterfall” is in
the batting order and the rest are a 50/50 split between the hillside and the river.

A slow start

The true part of the waterfall is no different than previous years but today we have a couple of turns
after the main event which should ride well with a little care. Nick takes the Cub through on a good run
and from that point on I never saw him again all day.

My run loses a dab on the bank, very careless! Top turns ride well.

Out of the Waterfall the first time!

Across the lower meadow and back in the river and mud. Dry downhill start into a right turn to a choice
of multiple lines. Either turn wide to cross a log at 45 then drop in the water and follow the river which
had some submerged logs at awkward angles and could easily cause a dab. Second choice was to
use the 1 line with a 90 crossing of the log and river then take a wall of death turn around a tree and
cross the river again into the mud for a blast up the mud bowl and hill to the exit. This was my choice
and it rode well for the clean.

Now back up on the upper meadow and we drop in from there for No 3. Steepish dry downhill into the
river for a 90 left to cross two firmly locked trees in the water, pop over them into deeper water and then
hit the far bank head on and into a right left S around a marker before the exit. A bit of fast body english
on a slippery bit but through for the clean.

Down the meadow to pick up the river again and No 4 which I had seen yesterday. Again I had it
mentally planned but on arrival a much simpler line was seen. Enter the river and follow it to a simple
exit on the left bank, cross the river again for a muddy adverse and uphill turn to the exit gate. The exit
gate turn is one of those get the front wheel through (just) and then stop jobs ! It works well.

Follow the stream to 5 which is fairly easy. Cross the stream, turn in the mud and grass, back through
the water and set up for a gentle dry adverse right turn and path to the exit. Maybe the “gimmee” of the

Out on the hillside path to 6 which really should not have caused any grief at all. Left turn between
some rocks, full 180 and meander to right left uphill S with last turn close to a rock and limited
distance to red ribbon. I must have been looking at something wrong and had a dab on the entry…..
mega dumb!

Only 50 yards to 7 which is considerably harder as it is another no track crossing affair. Stay out as far
as you dare to the red ribbon and then mount an awkward uphill slab. The dismount had to be fast
enough not to catch the bashplate but slow enough to be able to make a full lock right to the exit. Elect
to take a planned dab here.

With the score on 3 which could have been 1 over to 8 to see what this has to offer. Grassy uphill into climbing right hand 180 rising about 3 feet. Then a wiggle along a rock ledge into a down and up left
hander adverse before a 90 right to the exit. Not fully in control for the first uphill turn so take yet
another dab.

Section 9 is just above our motorhome and has a variety of going. Initial entry tight against a huge
pumice rock, right into left 180 and up the pumice on line dependant gates. Loose dry dirt with rolling
rocks to climb up to go behind a large rock through a dirt groove which is cutting up and then a full
braking steep downhill with turns to Evelyn who is checking this one. A dab in the groove with a little wheelspin so this one could go either way and bed in or cut up badly.

Back to 10 to complete the first loop which is a new section. Enter over a log downhill to a left hander
uphill in loose dirt with a low overhanging branch, recover and back to the entry log and cross again,
turn once more and cross the log and then weave through various obstacles to the exit. Well I sure
had my dabbing boots on for that loop with 5 single prods !  One I planned and another was well used
but the other 3 were really not needed. Total of 5 for the first loop.

Off to the waterfall and No1 surprize of the day when the bashplate locks solid on an uphill rock for my
first EVER 5 on this section……. well that’s it I’m really going to redesign this thing as its causing me a
lot of wasted marks on sections I can normally clean.

Cleans all the way to 6 where I had previously lost that mega dumb dab and this time slip through the
first part without any problems but turn the bars too quickly at the top of the S when the tape comes
close and promptly lose another!!

No changes on 7 and stick with the planned dab. Same result on 8 but I’m confident I CAN do this
with a bit more application. A good clean on Ed and Evelyn’s but the recovery downhill is cutting up
badly and causing quite a few mishaps.

Back at 10 I get stuck on the log !!!! and it takes a 3 to get off…….. man this bashplate is getting to me!!!
Total of a miserable 11 on this loop which should have only been 2. The 2 loop total is now at 16 and
should only have been 4……. man I am not too happy especially as 8 have been a direct result of the bashplate.

Out for the last loop but don’t get far with another monsterous clanging 5 in the waterfall….. and I can’t
even slide the bike over this rock which has never been a problem in the past. Furious wouldn’t
accurately describe things.

Cleans on 2, 3, 4, and 5 again and this time 6 rides as it should have done for a simple clean. At 7 I
stick with the planned dab and over at 8 I at last conquer the first turn and get my first clean. Clean on
9 and 10 so realistically that should have been a 1 point loop and a grand total of 5 for the day as
opposed to the giant 22 I have punched!! Just taking off the bashplate scores of the 2 Fives and the
Three I would have finished on 9 with the dumb dabs included.  THIS BASHPLATE HAS GOT TO GO !!!

Final results were Nick on 10, Dan on 14 so I know exactly what I need to be doing over the winter.


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  • 9/18/2012 6:38 PM Debbie Poole wrote:
    A correction is in order regarding the Ahrma national trial entry number published on your site. The Chehalis national had 67 vintage entries (no support class), not 44. I have the score card as this event is part of the regional series for which I keep points.
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  • 9/18/2012 8:22 PM Tony Down wrote:
    My only information comes from your published Ahrma website results, and having recounted them I see ONLY 44 finishers or riders….. not even close to your number of 67 ???

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    1. 9/18/2012 8:59 PM Anonymous wrote:
      I’m sorry, I was wrong, the correct number was 65.

      It appears that the results were given only to 14th place, which is the last points-paying place (1 point).
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