Last part of Tuesday’s run of 800 miles!

Tuesday night and against all logical thought we are here, plugged into shore power and ready for whatever this year has in store.

Our normal visit leaves Co on the Saturday morning and arrives in Calistoga Sunday evening. Gentle first couple of days then our wine tour day with Jason, circa Wednesday or Thursday, pick up any leftovers in the local area and then the Anniversary dinner in town Friday night to close out the show and depart on Saturday morning ready to join the working week after Sat, Sun on the road.

This year a new plan pushed the time frame back a day as one of our “wine clubs” has its party on the Saturday and was deemed worth staying on for the look……. we will see.

Wednesday now becomes the set-up and planning day and the morning drifts by at Calistoga speed. Always warm at this time of the year with daytimes between 85-90 and the evenings a very pleasant 60-75. Very soon time for the first mission which is the “Dean & Delucca” run for exotic cheeses for the picnic, something of a tradition now and today is no exception other than trusty steed, Beemer, complaining about wanting new plugs.


The Cheese run

With cheeses onboard time to try this mega burger joint which is always bursting at the seams when we go by. Our best burger award has so far been awarded to Middletown Brewery and of course we are hoping its still standing after the fire.


Getting ready for burgers


The selection

St Helena then and our first visit to Gott’s. Burgers are good, beer not so¬†good, but certainly worth a visit. We also take in another winery but they are already in full stories and tasting flow so we are on the outside looking in. Leave this one for another¬†day. Traffic is very slow and has left us too short for our Sterling visit so that goes on hold and the afternoon finishes with a few drinks by the RV.
By the time we get bikes out and tires pumped up we seem to have missed all the appetizers that we were hoping for so its Brannans again and a run down their list.


The appetizer run through

Not the “appetizers” we really wanted but still very good.



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