Way back when we had our Dolores event in August, newcomer Casey, who bought John Holbrook’s
rather nice TY175 suggested we might be interested in using some of his land.  I envisaged this
being within his personal estate. A phone call yesterday and he wanted me to come and look at it
which we duly did last night.

We crossed the river at 4th street right in the middle of town and set off up a pretty steep rocky track
with hairpin bends on the climb and eventualy emerged on what we would call a “mesa”, which is all
his! Seems he has 230 acres of prime land just asking to be used.

Casey’s land, lots of potential and a lot of exploring to do

Stumbling about in the steep hillside vegatation of fir trees and mixed cactus we climbed down to the
upper cliffs and then had a view of his holdings which encompass both sides of 4th street, Lost
Canyon and some other areas of interest. Currently Casey is looking at putting in a MX course, a BMX
track, carving some mountain bike trails and also using the land for trials and trials practice. His
company has all the equipment to cut tracks and make forest roadways. I would stress that a fair
amount of the stuff I saw is National level but with selective routing I’m sure we could find suitable
areas for all ability levels. I did notice one rocky stream, dried up at the moment, but apparently flows
for much of the year. Well with just a couple of hours I could see a ton of potential and I’ll be walking
a lot more of it this weekend, once I get the grass back under control and some weeding done.

On the subject of land the NM Roswell BLM office is being somewhat reluctant to come forward with
any decision on two upcoming events. It seems that the office had a complete change of personnel
and the current incumbents have little idea of what trials riding is all about. Reading between the lines
it appears they think we wish to ride the trails rather than the land adjacent to them. Now as the NMTA has used this venue for the last 19 years I would have thought that the current office staff would have contacted their previous BLM people who had given out the permits if they were in any way unsure of
what was involved.

WE, (ITSA), are riding in on the back of the NMTA, who hope to run their event the first weekend of
October, but as yet do not have BLM blessing !  There was talk of having to have the area surveyed
again and with the limited time frame I can’t see any of this happening with the first event only a week
away. Sadly if NMTA don’t get permission then we won’t either and the Mountain West series will
close with just our 8 events completed. Of course we could use Casey’s land but I don’t suppose
people want yet another trip to Dolores ?….. or do they???

Time for some exploring and might even get the Superglitz out for a ride round the area once suitable
groups can be identified. I rather like the prospect of the stream bed so I’ll start there and see where
that goes.

Too much school bus driving and a load of wet days, so no prospecting just yet. A quick stop on the
way back from the woodyard and a few pictures from the bridge which both parts of Casey’s land join.
Still a lot of land to look at but we can ride under the bridge either as a section or part of the loop
without upsetting the law.

West side of the bridge with that rocky streambed

East side with a ton of potential

More of the East side with the track above

There just has to be a lot of potential in this river bed, more news as further walking and exploring
continues in the weeks ahead but I like what I’m seeing already. Also a rather nice uphill track from the
side of the bridge into Casey’s main land holdings…… this could easily be a “graded hill” as I know
how much you like those ?? !!!!!!

A graded hill ? not sure where it goes but it is steep enough

Not entirely sure what Casey has in mind for this bit but it could be the initial bit of his forest roadway
to be built to get to the upper areas. So much land, I will need a refresher as to where his “actual”
boundaries are before upsetting yet more neighbours.

The start of the “new road” maybe ?

Just enough to wet your lips for next year’s Escalante Days Trial…….. further reports to follow when
time permits.


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  • 9/30/2012 5:43 PM John Holbrook wrote:
    Like the looks of this area!! Will have to make a trip up in the spring and help you scout out some sections.

    Also the Roswell approval has come through!! Look forward to seeing everyone Oct 20 & 21.
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  • 10/2/2012 9:30 AM Bil Todd wrote:
    Great looking land but would we still be able to ride in the parade the first day and ride our bikes to the new place?.

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    1. 10/2/2012 10:11 AM Tony Down wrote:
      Yes Bill, its in the center of town. Less distance than to the Cemetery.

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