That time again

October 1st, and off we go again with more Chemo and other delights! First off a meeting with Doctor Matteson to discuss yet another colonoscopy after last week’s PET scan. That will be on Tuesday after an up the nose Covid test on Monday. Wednesday and back to Durango for the first dose of the “NEW” poison.

Meanwhile the pedals keep ticking over to maintain the round the World Tour. Currently on track to crack the 4000 by Saturday with a 31.76 miler to open the monthly account.

Saddest news of the day was having to lose our beloved King Charles spaniel, Hercules, as he was experiencing heart failure and kidney shut down. A superb pet with virtually no vices and love for everybody. He will be greatly missed as much as his big sister Millie, who was very much my dog, who I had to let go to cancer on July 15th 2018.    and it still hurts!

Friday and time to get a few things done on the Roubaix. Into town and a new rear cassette and chain and home again and out for the first run, but now the bloody odometer has stopped working so off to get the batteries for it’s computer and sender unit.

NEW cassette and chain

Finally after another consultation with the hospital about the new chemo poison and potential side effects I get on the road. Now mid afternoon and blowing the non stop gale I get 13.50 done when the back tire starts going down!! Home again and change over to my new Michelins with the blue sidewall. Too late for any more this afternoon so I’ll pick up those extra miles on Saturday and failing that the Champers will have to wait until Sunday! All that being said the new cassette is 11/27 compared to the 11/23 we took off which was a bit of a “close ratio” set up and I like the new set much better and I’m pleased the worn out “clacking” has stopped.

Let’s try these flashy ones from Michelin

I like the colors

Outside no sign of Momma cat and the current litter of five are growing pretty quickly. Rather like “Hercules” if there can ever be any bright spots when you lose a loving faithful animal, one of the kittens, who I have named Twizzle has become very, very, friendly and follows me everywhere outside to the point of me having to be exceedingly careful as he is weaving his way between my legs like an agility dog on a slalom course. He never shows his claws, unlike some of his siblings, purrs, and is happy to be picked up. Brenda says NO! but she also picks him up so I feel we may soon have a new furry friend whether we like it or not.

Hello, my name is TWIZZ, I’m here about the job, full of love, very friendly, furry, and I purr if that’s Ok ?

Here’s my best side

I know I’m right for the job, the other 4 aren’t interested

 Saturday, and windy again and much cooler, so a late start that doesn’t bode well for a full distance ride so elect for a shorter effort around town  and back for coffee after13.67 which is about where I wanted to finish yesterday. Out again in the afternoon and despite the non stop wind I take the daily total up to 27.70 which is only 6.38 short of that big 4000!

3993.62 you say! guess I could have made it after all

Sunday and things are looking good, warmish, not too much wind, so no excuses and get out there to cement the deal with a quick (must be the new gear ratios) 10.07 before lunch bringing the yearly total to 4003.69 and a happy smile with those remaining teeth! Not finished for the year so I’ll be looking for a few more towards the next target!

4000 miles and a few more to come!





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