Christmas lights, decorations, cards and presents all done, save for the wrapping ritual, the mind is
already thinking holy grails, bikes, bikes and more bikes with modifications that no longer need to
comply with Ahrma regulations.

First on the list is to find a TY mono front wheel from the 80’s. I have everything else I need to change
the front end of my TY250A  Superglitz but I’m missing that front wheel ! Anybody who has one sitting
around that needs a good home please let me know.

All the TY mono front end……… just missing the wheel !

Once a wheel is found the rest can go straight on. Engine out and redetailed, in yellow and black,
all tubes replaced in yellow  and all cables “yellowed” for the final effect. The forks of course are not
staying red, and maybe some of those magical springs ?

Some slimline “bling” for upstairs

More neat bling

All the parts for the Enfield are here and as soon as school closes for Christmas I shall be in the
workshop working on that one. Should be interesting to see what the weight savings are and if the
fork action is a quantum jump ahead, again might fit some magicals in these.

Cub wise not very much to be done other than refreshing all the oils as it didn’t get a solitary ride last season. It does need a new clutch cable as I remember!

Today Ed and Evelyn are at the RMTA meeting so I await news with interest as to what events are on
the table and how they will run. Even without the RM input it does seem from all your comments that
ITSA is the way to go and while I have no intention of doing an “Ed” and driving 20,000 miles a year
and spending litterally weeks at various venues setting sections and putting up loop marking when
nobody stepped up for Trialsmaster duties I would expect to be doing my good share of the work
setting up ITSA West if that’s what the customer wants. We could even have that Vintage Trials School
here in Dolores culminating in an ITSA event to round off the week.

Well if the choice is ITSA then maybe time to build up another special? I did see another of the DMW
frames that I used on “Ossamaha” up for grabs but obviously some people have had similar ideas
and the frame was selling at around 1300 GBP !!

A 1970’s DMW frame like the one I used to make “Ossamaha”

Ossa front end, DMW frame, Yam engine, exhaust and rear wheel

…… and it worked !

I’m thinking of a rolling chasis from one of those RTX things. I did see one that had a Cub engine in it
and a really nice all round job made of it. Something to consider here. I did once have a ride on the
two models. A gentleman in Phoenix had a lock up with about six in it and I tried both. From memory
they weren’t tuned up but they seemed to handle OK for a cheapie…..from memory the forks seemed
a bit frail, but what if some better forks and shocks were added ? and then a decent trials engine ?
again from memory the frame seemed well enough designed and I think you could make most
vintage engines fit with a bit of work…….. who knows it might just be a winner !

I think the frame could take most motors ?

Neat job with a Honda motor

?  …….. just what I’m looking for…… with a Cub 280cc ?? 

Then of course as I have never ridden one there is the Fantic which all owners tend to rave about.
Might be worth persuading Ed to let me have a test ride on one of his that are tucked away in the
Arvada Bat Cave.

This one looks good

……. some serious drooling !

Lots to think about and put on my Santa’s wish list

……. and on that note, whatever you do …….. have



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  • 12/24/2011 9:07 AM Jimmy Allison wrote:
    tony, does it have to be a TY wheel. I have several YZ wheels. It’s interesting to see your projects. Can you help me with info on what spring rates for forks and shocks to use on my Sammy Miller Bul? Have a Merry Christmas.
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  • 12/24/2011 9:39 AM Jim Roberts wrote:
    Tony: Good luck on your new project and the development of a western TSA! I’m also working on a Cub engine. I’m seeking a 250 cylinder. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Do you know if there will bee a trials meet at Arizona Cycle Park this Feb? Merry Christmas — Jim Roberts
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