Bye bye trusty steeds

With the “No Excuses Cub” and the TY125 gone, time to return to the workshop and see what I can find to list  on E-Bay as my selling has been going fairly well.

Need to get back up in the loft and see what I can find in my old Squadron plaques and whether I can convert them to car grille badges.

Got to find something to do to occupy my mind for the next 20 days before I leap into the “Car Game”. It does seem E-Bay people are making money on crap TY250 parts at outrageous prices!!! I will be up in my workshop loft to see what goodies I have left over, I rather suspect quite a lot. Trolling through 10 pages on E-Bay and the parts on offer are awful! Bent shocks and the majority just in the state they were taken off the donor bike and not even cleaned.

Would anybody buy these at $20.00 ???

Well abused and, Not even wiped off at $26.71

This must be a joke! at $39.99

Seems not, these are $34.00, without the eyelets, but a good rust collection, and maybe a little bend


both offered at $80.00 EACH !!!!!

This is junk that I would throw away immediately I started on a bike that had been abused and just come in. The Redneck fraternity always  had the front fender on arse backwards, despite the arrow on the underside, MX rear tire, no chainguard, and bashplate also removed.  Sometimes the rear DISHED sprocket had been turned, honestly the mind does more than boggle! not forgetting the chain link also fitted the wrong way round.

Well if any of that junk sells in that state I could be a millionaire overnight!!!

Meanwhile up in the loft several suits and jackets along with a Tux (can’t remember the last time I wore it, circa Christmas 2000) a few pairs of gloves, all my lost plaques, and some Yamaha clothes and my rather nice luxury camera bag when we had multiple lenses and flash sets and video cameras, circa 1994 when I was in Saudi.

Made for me in Saudi Arabia

Enough for one day, tomorrow the workshop. I know I have one super front wheel for a Yam that has a narrow rim on it and I had previously had it on the Cub. Still with tire, tube, and rim lock and will polish beautifully. I know I have some shocks and the awful (in my opinion) Majesty $500 shocks called “Magical” they were not Magical in any way other than losing all the gas and were useless after one season!

The Super wheel with the high polish narrow rim, and I haven’t cleaned it yet!

Also I have axels, swinging arm bolts, footrests, chain tensioners, about 5 or 6 oil pumps, several oil reservoirs, a couple of lower engines, clutches, and maybe a couple of sets of forks. Now that’s all without looking, so be interested to see what else is there. Should be the old Cub barrel and piston and I think an ignition side case.

Axels and swinging arm bolts up the wazoo!

Clutch’s and other engine bits ?

1/13/21 and into the shop to see what’s what? Man, I still have a hoard of stuff, some good, some pure rubbish, and some even new and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface and get in the loft. My guess of about two weeks seems about right looking at the stuff I still have to look at or open the box.

Thursday 1/14/21 closer still, but plenty to do here on the discovery front to see what I have for sale. If memory, in these chemo brain times, serves me right then I believe I have a few Harley Davidson parts including the mufflers/silencers I took off the Screaming Eagle V Rod. Might even be the barrels and pistons that came off the other Harley back in 2000 ? We will see.

Think I still have the original mufflers for this SE Harley V Rod

With all of yesterday’s photo shoot uploaded 9 more items on E-Bay so we will see what happens as I now move to the workshop and a bunch of finds there. No sooner had I listed those 9 items and by the time I moved over to see my mail one of them was sold and paid for!!

Friday and another afternoon in the workshop, still haven’t got in the loft, too busy cleaning all manner of useful bits for E-Bay and sorting out a new bank account to deal with E-Bay who are not using Paypal for some reason and will now add or subtract from this New Account.

Footrests, air cleaner tops, and some oil tanks

Found the $500 Magicals, just need to dismantle and clean, and today being Saturday, time to find a load more bits before the afternoon double header of NFL games.

The not so Magicals, new front brake cables,  chain tensioners, levers, perches  and bits and pieces.

Sunday, 1/17/21 and time for my curiosity to get to work in the workshop loft before it’s NFL time with a couple of cracking teams. My favorites from yesterday both won. Today I’m torn as I like all 4 teams and they all deserve to be there! Last year’s superstars Kansas are playing the much improved Brown’s who were always a joke team like the Bengals but this year have richly deserved their placing so I rather fancy them. On the later game, Brady with his new team, and some variable results, or with the Saints with Drew who just has the edge for me.

Front brake assembly found!

Prior to the first game I found quite a few other bits including the Ty brake plate assembly for the nice Cub wheel, a chrome TY stand, springs, chromed TY pegs, the Cub spare barrel and piston, inlet adapter, chromed or polished handlebar clamps for the TY and a supply of bolts.  Loft still to come but the downstairs is done!




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