3 more stages of the Tour, the British F1 Grand Prix and then the Olympics next week. Mark Cavendish managed to beat the cut again after some vicious mountain stages and now has 2 chances left to equal the all time stage winner’s record.

Beat the cut and still in with 2 chances of another sprint win

Today was disappointing from a viewer’s point of view as after the mid point sprint the peloton just let the break away group go and finished in a procession some 18 minutes behind.

Friday’s plan is get a few miles in the bank and then top off at lunchtime followed by the last few to get over the 30+ hump!

Bring on the plan

The plan got hopelessly screwed up and instead of the pre-lunch quickie of around 10 miles I kept going for 29.34 in near perfect conditions. Some weeding followed and then the run to the brew pub and arrived there with over 38 on the clock. Two beers later and time for dogs which finished the day passing the 40 marker and leaving me at 1377.08 which means I should crack the 1400 with a simple 23 for Saturday.

Wout van Aert wins the time trial but he has already won a Mountain Stage and was second to Cav in a sprint finish!

Tour de France wraps up the places with the Time Trial with no changes in the top standings although Wout van Aert won it to show what a fantastic all rounder he is!

First ride of the day nets 27.84 and takes me over 1400 and also another 200 week despite getting soaked on the rainy day when only 5.30 was ridden. Now its thunderstorm time, raining, and temps shot down 20 degrees …. no more riding but I did get some weeding done and 5 more plants are in the ground but will need more water before nightfall. Done!

Sunday morning, cooler and a late start with the British F1 GP about to start then flash over to France for the Tour then back here for lawn mowing.

F1 and Verstappen out on the opening lap after a skirmish with Hamilton so race red flagged and I’m off to Paris where Cavendish beats out his nearest challengers on the mid-point sprint. The laps around Paris appear somewhat disjointed to me as Cavendish seems a long way away from his lead out chain and never gets the launch he needed. Wout van Aert wins again, what a talent!

No stopping him, bad luck Mark!

Never mind if you a get a contract, as I’m sure you will there is always next year. The lawn gets moved and a mid range ride takes me to 1421 miles and then time to get some more Vincas.


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