Not being able to make Roswell and the last two rounds of the 2012 Championship time to turn my
thoughts to 2013. Assuming the Mayans have it wrong, time to start the final mods on the Cub bash
plate, put the Betors back on the Enfield and order the Rockshocks for the Cub.

Dismantling the Cub again will at least give me something to do, and I just might get Superglitz out to
take a ride round Casey’s property and see what jewels it contains for the Vintage fraternity. To that
end I’d better get some “actual” boundaries from Casey before getting my ear bent by other

The 2012 prototype ready for mods

20/50 for the chainsaw

Not much left to undo

The Cub comes to bits without any major issues, the Betors have been returned to their rightful
owner of the Enfield which is next on the FOR SALE list so if you are interested let me know or come
and test ride it. Brenda also wants to sell her TY125 so if there is any interest in that one do let me
know. Guide prices are around 10K for the Enfield and a reasonable 2K for probably the only TY125
in the USA.

Betors back on the Enfield …… thanks

Brenda’s TY125 with the chromed tank

Once again the “debate” on eligibility rules on Trials Central is underway  for next years Pre 65
Scottish and I can only say thank goodness we don’t have to go through that dick dance over here to
have a fun weekend out trials riding ! As devotees to Vintage Trials will know some machines
competing in the Pre 65 bear absolutely no resemblance to the machines that were actually
produced pre 65. It does seem to be in direct conflict with common sense that machines of that era
are now running round with acceptable Norton Roadholder forks, hiding all the latest internals, crap machines of the period, namely DOT, Francis Barnett and James are so equipped, also with Villiers
engines that  I never saw back then along with completely new frames!!!…… yet in the same breath
of lunacy others wanting to use Faber frames are disbarred for all sorts of reasons due to not being
“split frames” or not having under tubes or swan necks on Cubs ? I wonder how the Armac Cub
frame will fare this year as they have been previously acceptable and I think have won the event in
the hands of Dave Thorpe……. and then there is the insistance that basically everyone has to run an
Amal ??? and lets not forget that Mikuni MAKES Amal under licence!!!

I never saw a “James” like this when I rode trials in the 1960’s

Or this ??

Not a chance DOT could ever have made one of these in 1965 !

My favorite, if I were in the UK now I would have one of these

Better get back to the last few nuts and bolts on the “1/2 Cub” and get the vital parts sent over to Ray.
For once there is no rush but you all know that once something is in the works we all get impatient to
get it back and all set up again, even though there are no events until 2013.

The 1/2 Cub

Just when I thought I would be finishing the dismantling of the Cub my task load was switched to a
new settee. The previous one had come to the end of its life having been a scratching pole for the
cats, a pee post for male dogs and the all singing basket for them all. There was no way this monster
was going back down the stairs, in fact I can’t imagine how we got it up here?

What is connected to what ?

Destruction begins

Nearly there !

I have to say it WAS very well made and took several hours to destroy and hump out and over the
balcony !

The NEW one in place


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  • 11/1/2012 5:06 PM russell joseph wrote:
    tony i read your book thankyou much.i like your cub,i thought you might remove the bottom tube and stress the engine.this may give you the correct slope for your bash plate.happy trial rj
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  • 11/1/2012 5:17 PM russ wrote:
    intake flutter looks like heart beat its alive.rj
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