“The time has come” said the numb bum to the owner “and if you must persist with this cycling nonsense then “WE” are looking for a decent comfy saddle from Santa!”


Well thanks to the time of the year and all the decorating my cycling stopped dead in its tracks at just over 3600 for 2017. That’s not say that I might get a few last rides BUT the snow arrived last night and now we are running up to Christmas and the New Year. However, as I’m sure we will be over in Durango in the new year I would like to get measured on the “Arsomometer” and see what sort of saddle I really need.




Seems the two bones in your bum are the critical point of this operation and then some other measurements are calculated and then the machine tells you what should be ideal and finally if none of this works its the normal trial and error.

A few things to do before New Year, must get the Car sorted as it has had an annoying amber “Service Stability System” caption permanently on for the last few weeks so it needs a diagnostic on Thursday to see what that’s all about. It had an oil change yesterday so another chore out of the way.

Looks like I “could” get a few rides in, I do have all the “kit”, so no excuses, although the wind is still bloody cold! I think it will be lunchtimes onwards as the morning temps are still below freezing. I still have the mountain bike tires to change and fit the cleats to both pairs of new shoes.


The cleats are on the cold weather cycling booties

That didn’t work out too well. I get the cleats on the cold weather shoes but……… it seems my feet are TOO wide for my NEW Sidis so the afternoon is spent talking to Backcountry who are very helpful.


Too tight for my toes!

Looks like I can send them back are they will send a different Sidi shoe in Mega wide


Not keen on black but the fit is more important

Next up will be this set but I don’t see me using them until at least April or maybe even later.

Thursday, and Brenda, who has been feeling very unwell is off to the doctor and hospital to get a series of tests done to see what is ailing her which is very concerning . Not helped by ridiculous people who through stupidity had denied her medical insurance. However, a lot of good news and she got everything done, although we still don’t know what is wrong.

The Cadi also goes in for service and it too gets loads of tests done and after an hour they tell me its the “Steering Wheel Sensor” but amazingly they have one, and after another hour, I’m back on the road minus the annoying  “Service Stability System” caption and of course $386 and absolutely NO wiser !


Annoying amber caption …. gone!

By the time I’m home the return label is on the table and the dinky shoes are boxed up and sent back to Backcountry for the wider ones.

Saturday, time to get a few things done before Pool, and its the Championship today, so best foot forward. The new Neon lights are fitted and working and now time for the Mountain bike and those New tires.


Tires are on and they look good but I might need a new rear brake cable next time I’m in town.


Brenda in good form

Pool begins, normal practice and I’m really not seeing the angles, let’s hope this gets better! 18 out of the 27 qualified players turn up and the games begin. I get a lucky break in my first game when Tom, who was playing really well, takes a very ambitious shot on the black and dumps the white in the top pocket!

Round 2 and I’m playing Mike Nelson who is very good and frequently wins these competitions.  Once again he is playing well and a few balls ahead but then I start to find my form and I’m first to the black which I miss and it looks curtains for me as he clinically works his way through the last balls to the black. From what appears a simple shot the black comes to rest on the top cushion and the cue ball is in a perfect gift position. Second win, and with an opening “bye” I need one more win to get in the money!


Thank you

Jerry is next and also playing well but I find a good rhythm and slip through 4 balls up. This one puts me in the money and of course being the season championship is going to be pretty good.

Now its the battle of the unbeaten players and I now face Nick who never ever seems to have a bad day. Once again he is clinically taking the balls off the table but can’t get one of his last two and lets me back on with 4 balls to go. I get the wake up call and sink two long shots to opposite ends of the table, and with some cue ball control bring my ball back on the opposite side of the table where my 4 and 6 ball are parked on the cushion just down from the black.

Do or die here so a reverse bank to the bottom for the 4 and I catch it just right and it is gone! The cue ball is back where it started so now I need to repeat the bank shot to the center, and leave the cue ball on that far cushion for the black. This one goes perfectly and I have the black to the corner …….. a nice stroke and the game is mine!!!



I am now in the final and can not do worse than second.

Well that was my best game, we both play well but Nick takes it for a well deserved win. I still walk away with $116.00 and finish 2017 on a high.


Still have a sore arse, and the visit to Durango is coming soon


That wraps up 2017 ……. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE



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