Work begins

Having cracked the magic “70” time to get in that workshop and spanner a bike or two. Very pleased to finally achieve my ambition of cleaning the entire workshop and sort out all my tools ready to prep the machines.


Brakes and axles


Nice clean chain

Work begins on Superglitz (what a fabulous machine) and a lot better than my original bike that I rode in the 1974 Scottish Six Days. I can remember asking Yamaha if I could have one and writing them a letter saying I had won the “R.A. Castle Trophy” in 1970/71/72 and  I had an entry for the 74 event. Amazingly they said YES and it was sent to the UK by air and picked up by Brian Leask as Yamaha did not have a trials importer back then. The bike was collected at Heathrow and delivered to the Officers Mess at my RAF base in Yorkshire at 2300 hours having been assembled in the van on the way up the M1.

EPSON scanner image

1974 at the SSDT start

The 1974 SSDT was fun and the bike was a delight on the road with its very high top speed running with full choke on the Yam mechanic’s advice who were there for “Mick”. The Maestro was riding another Yam that looked very little like my stock TY250A.


On the lower sections of Ben Nevis

Many years later while I was in Phoenix I built the “Glitzmobile” which was very successful and then having sold that, built another as my “1974 Replica” which became a museum piece and was sold to the same man who bought Glitzmobile.


The first of the GLITZ

Time to build the improved “Superglitz” which becomes the bike that you always wanted! Perfect handling, powerful motor with just a “snappy” touch that the A model was famous for. Mick Andrews borrowed it on one of his visits to the US and liked it.


Mick liked it



I enjoyed a lot of success with this one with many AZ Championships and a 3rd and 1st place in the AHRMA Championships in 2004 and 2005.


Ahrma at the old Perris CA


AZ at Clown Rock


A joy to ride


Glitz was laid up for a couple of years but was then brought back to life in new colors for the start of Mountain West Trials. A complete strip down and sell off of many of her finest assets followed. Highly polished forks and triple tree hit Ebay followed by the shorter Showa rear shocks. The fully chromed exhaust sold well as did the custom signed Mick Andrews tank.

How to improve  this mighty steed?  I have a pair of TY350 forks in the shop, all I need is the main bearing as the stem is different. A wheel from an IT400 is sourced  and new rear shocks come from Magicals. Shedworks provide  the tank/seat unit and rear fender and a special front fender and brace comes from GasGas in matching yellow.


TY350 forks and an IT400 wheel


Magicals and the Shedworks tank/seat unit


GasGas mudguard and a very carefully filed brace

Barrel and head are sent to BJ Racing to be breathed on and a special big bore, through the frame, exhaust comes from WES along with a flat side OKO 26mm carb. Time for some iridium plug power and that should complete the mods.


Through the frame Big Bore pipe from WES


OKO flatside replaces the Mikuni VM26

It makes its debut at San Ysidro and wins the Clubman Class on both days.


Goes well at San Ysidro first time out

More mods are in the works and new stronger footrest hangers come from Sammy Miller and a much better set of rests from Apico complete the under foot with a new shifter in light alloy. New sprockets and chain, including the matching yellow tensioner block, have the transmission department fabricated, although as a traditional (no clutch) man, I’m now forced to join the one finger brigade as sections get tighter and tighter! The pull gets changed along with a ball bearing style lever. The Magical shocks are anything but and they get binned after one season and the vastly improved RockShocks replace them. Finally my alloy high lift Renthals  jump ship and get fitted.


New stronger hangers and Apico rests


Yellow it is!


Underside clutch mods


Roller bearings lever by Moose


Some real shocks at last!

Superglitz rides very well but sadly for her I keep riding the old Cub and she doesn’t get to show her form often enough these days.


Great section at Casper


Under the bridge at Dolores


More fun sections at Casper

All the work is done on Superglitz but with Sipapu only 3 days away and zero work having been done on “No Excuses” I have to make the decision that we won’t be going this year even though I had booked a RV space.



Back together and all re-polished!



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