Sunday morning and we are the early group today so pump up the slow leak in the rear tube which is
also beginning to creep. Tire looks about shot too so time for another when we get home. Today we
start with 3 in the creeks then 5 along the Hog’s Back, some logs down by the start and finish in the
concrete of Lego Land.

Up past what used to be the “Waterfall” and find 1 which is in now in a very wide 30′ wide creek. This
used to be just rideable at around 3′ wide in years gone by. Seems a lot of these white rock pebbles
were once giant rocks that crumbled and got washed by the raging water. Drop in down the hill, cross
the shallow creek and a classic steep uphill round the tree and back down into the river, then position
for an up the adverse 3′ step turning left in some burnt out stumps and trees and dropping back into
the pebbles and stream. Lots of choices on the far bank and I waste a lot of time looking at the wrong
exit until I see that our 2 line is not gated to the left which makes life a lot easier. Glad I saw that one
in time so a clean to start the day.

Cross the meadow and back to the lower creek which looks very much like previous years apart from
where the fire came down to the top so there are some burn outs on the upper banks. Cross the water
and up the muddy bank then behind a burnt out black tree with a wiggle through the stump complex
and out into a tight left hander in wash sand which has found its way up here some 12′ above the
creek. Drop back in and cross over to the exit. No problems here so on down the creek and trail to 3.

Not too much fire damage but signs of where the water rose to are quite alarming!  3 starts on  the trail
has a right, left in deposited silt coming back over a log which has now broken in two. Steepish down
hill to cross to the far bank which is getting muddy, turn inside a small pile of loose rocks and climb
back up the bank to set up for a choice of lines through a tree with some burn damage. A tight wiggle
through two uprights if you can place your front tire exactly in the catapult like fork of a burnt sapling, or
straight across the tree at a 45 degree angle. See Bob Strohman crash in the water after touching a
roller and a few 5’s for those trying the 45 cut over the log. I try the “catapult” and get it spot on for the

No 4 is more or less the same as we used last year which is a series of tightish turns through big
static rocks then up a narrow track around a big rock before descending to the checker. The initial
part is a step onto a huge bedrock, jump off the other side then over the flat ground to set up for a
gentle idle left turn up around the rock by the fence. Shouldn’t be any problems here unless you catch
your footrest turning too tight. Plenty of room to complete a right turn on level ground to set up for a
tight 180 left through some rocks then set up for the uphill wiggle. Looks easy enough especially the
first part. True enough the first half goes well with a smooth turn down by the fence but coming out
onto level ground it goes awfully quiet !! Memories here of Podium at Dolores ???? Well 5 lost, fire
it up and complete the rest of the section feet up….. very, very annoying.

Section 5 has a nice shape to it with an uphill off the path swinging left hander braking downhill
to come through a footrest catcher set of rocks into immediate uphill right then another of those
jinking wiggles uphill between a couple of big handlebar height rocks keeping the path blind until
you get there. Simple downhill braking with jinks to the exit. Rides as planned for the clean.

More choices of line over at 6 with either a turn straight up between two big rocks or go around the
lower rock and then uphill from there. Can’t really see much advantage on the lower line although both Trialsmasters Bob and Dan take it ? From the top a sharp right downhill into a dipping lefthander to
come back up and swing tight right through 180 for the exit. I take the higher line and arrival spot on
line at the top and turn right and the motor stops again !!!!! Exiting the section in disgust its now time
for problem solving. Mike Shay agrees with my conclusion that I need a little tweak on the idle screw
as these carbs clearly don’t like running with zero space under the slide which is how I normally run
my Mikunis.

Today’s 7 is a repeat almost of yesterday’s 6 with a slight uphill entry to do a 180 uphill right into a
swinging lefthander uphill to come back around another shoulder high rock into blind uphill, then
more downhill turns to the exit. I consider going further along inside the blue before making the turn
but eventually take the tighter turn and then take a dab coming out of the lefthander.

Section 8 has me searching for split cards as I’m having trouble finding any. No it really is that easy
and is a follow the path just off idle and then come downhill in the loose dirt….. so this one must be
the gimmee of the day.

Now for the logs just behind Ed and Evelyn’s RV and no surprizes to see who’s checking here. Enter
stay tight on the red for a square 90 left turn to line up for log number 1, then around the bush, more
wash sand and silt, and then over a much wider log, right turn and out. No problems so only Lego
Land to get through.

Lego Land looks a lot smaller than I remember and maybe some of these blocks and things got
moved ? In and around the first table block into more deepish silt for the left hander through the big
Diamond, now over the next table block into 180 right inside a cable drum, continue into left to line up
for a mini log crossing and ride out to the exit. First loop of 11 with 2 stalling 5’s.

Off we go again and no changes on 1 & 2 so try the same line on 3 having watched a few cleaning
it with the 45 degree crossing. Bit of a bump off my catapult fork and a dab goes out the window and
I’m lucky to hang on to prevent a second ! At 4 where she stalled a faultless ride this time but at 5 a
dumb dab coming out of the bottom turn after clouting my foot on the rocks. A bit fast up 6 and round
the top turn with skidding front tire in the loose needs a 2 to get it back on line. Same story for a dab
on 7 so a longer run at it next time. 8 is the gimmee so back to E&E where I turn too early and I’m off
line for the first log but escape with a dab from poor positioning. 10 wasn’t much better as I was too
fast off the table and couldn’t complete the drum turn without a little assistance from a guiding foot !
Sure had my “dabbing” boots on that time round for 7.

Confidence is high for the 3rd loop as the OKO problem is now OK ! Good consistent cleans on the
first two sections so time to relook section 3. Several people are now making nothing of the 45 slash
at the log so I’ll give it a try and it “main roads” and I regret not having used that line on my second
visit. Clean again on 4 but same mistake on 5 for the dab. Arrived at the top of 6 in perfect position,
just like loop 1 but this time with a running engine I clean this one at last. At 7 I take the longer run in
and have plenty of time to set up for the first uphill where it runs on rails. Catch my little finger on the
big rock but power through as I’m not going to be denied  this time! 8 through 10 all clean this time
so a much better effort for a 1 point loop……. could have been a good day if I had been a bit more
consistent and put a decent card together, but as they say that’s trials!

Not a single picture for the day despite all the photographers out and about.


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