Safari in hibernation

The renovation project is now in full swing with Howard, the RV Guru, working his way through the
mysteries of the 1996 Safari which will be the 2009 transporter and needs to be back on the road in
2 weeks. Having dug the beastie out of the snow Howard arrives for his initial inspection last Friday
and having given him my “wants  & wishes” list he completes his findings as to what it is going to take.
Bearing in mind the coach has sat in it’s current location for just over 3 years and has been used only
as a rental accommodation unit and we need to know if road use is a possibility?

Saturday and Howard is back armed with all RV things to get it moved. Within a couple of hours several
major/minor units have been fixed and the engine is coaxed back to life and is slowly warmed up to
ensure we don’t crack the head or bust the head gasket. It seems the bus was only partially winterised
and the anti-freeze was a little weak in the engine!

Several other things get spotted and fixed and by nightfall the Safari is off to Howard’s shop to be
thawed and renovated ready for use. Seems the water system has frozen solid and the hot water tank
will have to be replaced but on the good side the tires seem good so we should save about $2000
there if we don’t replace them. The Black tank is solid so that will take some work and won’t be a
pleasant job, and not one I would wish to undertake.

We await more news on the subject and availability of parts to get her out of dry dock. Insurance
doesn’t seem to be a problem and is about 1/10 th of what the 2006 Beaver cost for full replacement
value. Next up will be finding the old Oregon title and then getting a new Colorado one for this year.
Title now at hand, so I think I have all the papers to get that portion completed and just to fit another
piece of the jig saw together I went for my Colorado drivers licence and that turned out to be remarkably
easy! Brenda had a little trouble with hers as she had to provide her “state” birth certificate from NY,
hers said Buffalo NY but apparently that was not good enough, so 2 weeks elapsed and another $64
to get the one they wanted. In my case they didn’t even ask for one ?

More news, the water heater is toast, along with the ice maker and 2 broken taps, a few leaks, a few
minor parts, hoses and belts and a lot of fluids and some batteries. Cost without labor around $1500
so I suppose that’s reasonable all things considered. The passenger windshield and ice maker can
wait for the summer along with the tires I hope. Might have to replace the sealed unit headlamps which
I think were no longer sealed and were pretty dim as I remember.

Turns out Howard and his sons do a few “demolition derby type events” so he says he has plenty of
spare usable headlamps. He says he can rebuild the shower faucet and Brenda will explore the local
plumbers shop who are having a sale to see if she can find the kitchen tap she likes.

Actually made it into the workshop at last and notice that all the throttles on the bikes are a bit sticky…..
must be the cold weather so some quick work on the 3 that are going to AZ. Time to dump all last
year’s fuel and start afresh!

Brenda now tells me she wants to go to Harrold’s in Cave Creek for Superbowl Sunday, and she has
spoken to the owner to try and get a 60 foot long berth for Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile time to dig out the trailer and that is no easy task as helpful tenant has now piled tons of
snow in the way, but after one hours shoveling the trailer is free and now I need to cut a path in to
reverse up to her and drag her out. Still it releases cabin fever and by Colorado standards its pretty
warm today and we have a good melt going on. The trailer was finally hooked up and dragged round
the front to get some sun on the roof and melt off the last of the snow.

Get out of that !

Free at last

Now back in the workshop and get all the last boxes unloaded and sorted. Time to shove some of it up
in the loft area and then get the bikes ready for Buckeye…. well at least they are clean so I’m only talking
light servicing and carb cleaning, some fresh oil and get some fuel for a test start on the RE and the

Just back from the Colorado DMV……..man, what a difference, and that in itself will form another


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