A refreshing beverage after a windy Sunday at Bull Hollow

With Bull Hollow done time for some forward thinking for the next event that I’m involved with namely
our Dolores 2 Day.  Original plans are having to be adjusted as the USFS portion of land that I wanted
to use is proving to be too problematic with worries that we might trample some minor Indian artifact
that has fallen down the cliff where they may, or may not, have lived circa 1100 AD. The mentality of this
is beyond  my limited comprehension as the lake edge is used as a highway for people going fishing
and we wanted to use the rocks that are covered by water during the spring run off.

Looks like I will be substituting more town land to make up for it of which there is plenty. This event
WILL NOT use the 50 sections without splits (we can’t afford the tape) so it will either be 4 lines in the sections or adjacent sections, with the same number, but with different entries and exits.

The proposed Vintage Trials School for Beginners has now got the CNX due to a lack of interest but
at least I can get some much needed personal practice in myself. That lack of practice has been very
evident this season and I’m just coming to terms with some set up issues on the bikes. The change
to the longer Magicals on the SG was perhaps not the way to go as it lifted the rear end up using the
Majesty mounts. I have swopped the shocks back to the conventional settings and see how it goes
from there.

All cleaned up after Bull Hollow

Magicals back on the standard shock mounts

The New front brake cable that snapped three sections from home was repaired on the spot when I
took it in and on refitting I noticed it never really released fully so an old TY rear cable rod spring was
fitted on the lower end and that now gives the desired action.

The little extra spring aids the return action

Performance wise the motor runs very well so now time to swop over to the OKO carb and see what
that can do. The blunted SM pegs seemed to work well with no “bites” or boot hang ups although
those Talon pegs look good……. better sell the SM Cub frame and ask SM if those pegs fit their other

The answer is “Yes they do”

With that news time to clean up the old SM Cub Trials frame and get her on the bay ! A modified front
frame that has the wider front mount so that the engine can be offset to match up with the sprocket
spacer if fitted. A PVL mounting bracket is on the top tube for the coil.

The rear sub frame is also modified from the standard being wider at the SA fixing point and has the
flat angled cross member between the seat rails removed. Another cross tube is added further back,
and extra brackets are welded on to take the SM universal Pre 65 seat.

I did see that there was a standard Cub frame on the bay for a BIN price of $400.00 !!!!


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