A very mixed bag on the weather front with snow overnight then rain during the day to wash it all away. Well that will help as I gather up all the remaining power cables and decs on Monday that were frozen in the snow.

Now we are into the next phase of pool competitions with our local Dolores final next weekend. The last round of qualifying was yesterday and after last week’s success I was hoping for another good result. 23 players yesterday and I’m going well with 2 wins and playing John McEwan again. John is playing well but rattles one and allows me back on the table. I have the 4 ball on the bottom cushion and the 5 ball adjacent to the 8 which has never moved off it’s spot. John has 5 balls left and the cue ball is up on the top rail. I elect the tricky shot on the purple to return it to the top right pocket which it does perfectly! Now a cut on that orange ball to bottom left …… that goes in clean, but the cue ball comes back up the table further than I wanted and I now have an almost identical shot on the black for the game. Same pocket, similar cut, and the black rolls in …… but what’s this??? ……the cue ball is trundling gently up the table ……… surely it will stop?  …….. stop damn you! …. and it does right on the lip of the pocket……. and then it falls in!!!!  yes, I’ve beaten myself again!!!

Never mind try and get it together for next weekend now I know I can win these things!!


MLK day so I get a day off and now that the rain has melted most of the snow it should be an excellent day for recovering the last of the Christmas decorations from outside in the flower beds and maple tree, not forgetting the Scuffy lights and presents.

Laser lights all boxed and all front bed cables and lights in their own box for next year. No more trying to remember what fits where? All the waterfall deer are removed along with polar bears, reindeer and sleighs. Finally the rose bed lights are removed and also boxed separately. Of course just to remind me of where we are its started snowing again ……. Ho, bloody ho!

This afternoon’s project is Scuffy followed by the Maple Tree. It has now snowed, or snizzled, which is Colorardan for a mix of light snow and drizzle, for the last 4 hours which is not helping at all. Nothing happening today!


Just this lot to come down

Another day, another set of lights and the ship’s lights, all ornaments and presents are removed and boxed …… just the tree to go ….. but it starts snowing again, and then more snow …… and another change into a winter storm!

Well you can only do what you can do!!



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