November 15th  2018, and winter is closing in on the older cyclist. Only a matter of time before it becomes too unpleasant or too dangerous and the season will be closed.

However “I think I can, I think I can” said Thomas but it is becoming a struggle to get out there and click over those last miles of the year. With 46 days left to year’s end, and assuming I could struggle through 10 miles a day I could add another 460 miles onto the total of 4544 and just crack the mighty 5000 ??? Well, better get out there and see what can be achieved !

Of course there are plenty of other tasks that will need my full time attention in the coming weeks. Not least, Christmas Decorations and some late trips to Aspen Wall Wood for a few loads of firewood which I normally get in October but couldn’t this year as the work on the balcony took priority.

C’mon Thomas …… you can do it!

All the fun of checking the Christmas decs next week and the mind is thinking 4 good loads of firewood unless Thomas can haul some in. The riding task and goals are getting harder and harder to achieve with every passing day as the wind seems ever colder and sunset gets earlier and earlier. The mind over matter motivation is not fully functional and a roaring fire and hot chocolate seem preferable to the mind numbing cold. By Friday night the yearly total crested 4574.08 and hopefully I’ll be through the 4600 mark by Sunday. If not I’ll take up drinking  “I drink a can,  I drink a can”

Pool day again and I did a bit better at 9 ball this week with another 3rd place against some stiff opposition. 8 Ball started well with two good wins and then with a 5 ball advantage I watched my opposition clean up the table! Oh well, there’s always next week.

Cold again at 34F and 1030, better try for 5 miles then take a break before the last push. Yes it was horrid cold but I made 12.64 before a hot chocolate stop was needed. Out again and finished on 20.35 for the day. With 4607.58 I’m 1005 miles more than last year. How much longer?  ……. snow can only be just around the corner?

Today marks the start of Thanksgiving Week and for mileage freaks 43 days to the end of the year. Bright, sunny and cold but I could still get a few miles this week. Seems I’m slightly ahead of the target but that could change as the pressure builds up on getting Christmas bits out and in place and then all the household decorations down from the loft on Friday.

Coming very soon

Monday post lunch in Durango, returning left over planking from the new floor, a quick ride in the morning while Brenda was busy shopping for all the Thanksgiving food and goodies.

Tuesday the first load of wood from Aspen, which took some time to find the nice dry stuff without too much of the recently cut “green” which takes a month or two to dry out.

Wood stacked under the new balcony and out for a quick ride but I got so cold I had to give it best …… it might look OK but I’m nearly done as despite all the winter clothing I was dam nearly hypothermic by the time I was finished!






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