“Is this all town land ?”

Here we go again feeling a bit like the Lewis & Clarke expedition as I seek a route to the back of
beyond with 15 worthwhile sections along the way. Having established that USFS land is really not
worth the hassle of pursuing the Town of Dolores seems to have enough real estate to provide what
we are looking for the “in town” Saturday event.

No excuses for lack of time as I’m enjoying the 3 month school break to the full so as the clock clicks
into July I have almost a full 5 weeks to find what I want and get them to a satisfying standard.

First thoughts are 5 Scottish style sections, single line for all abilities, in a double and triple sub
layout. As many know I’m not wildly keen on pandering to beginners. True we all have to start some
where but the only way to learn is to ride sections if you won’t take a course of instruction. To that end
a complete beginner will no doubt struggle on some of these, they will of course be safe, but they can
use them as a “yardstick” to judge their own performance. The other 10 sections will have a simple 4
line as normal.

4 lines!

My planned sections in the trees will need an easy enough loop route such that beginners can get
round without gulping at the trail and losing total confidence.

In other news we have been told that due to the very hot and dry conditions in Colorado and of course
the current fires still raging we will ALL need SPARK ARRESTORS fitted for Turkey Rock. No real
surprize on that one. I see the “Ahrma Observed Section Ends” article on Trials Central has now had
over 5600 views and within Ahrma itself another Trials event at Honey Lake CA was cancelled  and
that now drops their total rounds down to 12…….. and at the last event they had 10 riders at their
“parade”…… of course they should do better at Donner which is proper trials terrain. I hope we can get
entries in the 20-30 bracket for Turkey Rock which is a fantastic piece of trials land. The initial all go
for Roswell seems to have slowed to almost a dead stop and we really need someone to step up to
the plate and get this show underway or we will lose the event. Also a minor point, but at Casper we
will be working to Ahrma no-stop rules so just remember the “in balance stop” could get you a nasty
unexpected 5 from over keen checkers.

With the Fourth behind me, time to get out there and find the final five sections. Weather a little cooler
today and just a hint of an afternoon thunderstorm…… wouldn’t that be nice !

The lake continues to go down, not that i’m planning on using the water so here is a look at the
“3 Subber” starting about 20 feet above the water line. From there, once I’ve cleared a load of the drift
wood the line should be fairly obvious leading up to where these shots were taken, (a lot of the holes
will be filled in !). I’m standing in the second sub and from there a little right left to line up for the uphill
3rd sub leading on to the exit by the road.

Start will be to the right of the big rock center screen and exit photo at
bottom right

Second sub, follow the line from the blue water bottle to the orange rock before left turn into third sub

Up and out !

Over behind the new town utility building I was hoping to use some of the land on the hillside in the
trees but on closer inspection its all a bit TOO STEEP ! However, I did find 3 more, two of which will
NOT have a 4 line, so beginners I’ve given you a break. The first one in the trees needs a bit of
“gardening” but its a nice jiggle, wiggle through the trees and leads us into a downhill section for a
change…… better get some good brakes !

Coming down from the tree line

Still going down

From the downhill a short ride over to what on the face of it could be the Saturday “TD” gimmee ?
Simple follow the wash section and then into some left, right, turns over a berm to the finish.

The Saturday “gimmee”

Over the road where I have two other sections in what appears to be an emergency retention basin
we have this little beauty which has two entry points either side of a cottonwood tree where I’m
standing. From there up around the fallen tree for 2/3/4 lines with 1 staying up and going around the
other minor tree……..

2/3/4 all come down between the fallen tree and the “V” stump while 1 goes above the “V” and then
sidehills before a left uphill to the exit up by the fence.

1 liners will be about center frame side hilling the adverse, 2 and 3 come to the bottom of the hill and
then turn for line dependent gates for a “S” uphill to the fence and exit top left. 4 get a break and exit at
bottom right of picture.

Some gardening then and it will all look very different come the day ! Meanwhile time to get back to
the town dump for day 2 and have the 10/12 sections mentally planned.

“Is that the town dump Lewis?”

“Lewis, how in God’s name are you going to get 12 sections here? ”

“Whey aye Sir, I think we might be in the wrong place”

Lewis and Morse eventually find the town dump and plot the trail through the maze of possible

“Just remember Lewis, they can’t all go up there and this is a trial and not
a planned suicide !”

With the Sunday sections mentally laid out Morse and Lewis adjourn to the Dolores River Brewery to
draw the maps and enjoy a few of the local beverages.

Saturday in town

Sunday at the Town Dump

“Nice job Lewis, I think they should ride well. Maybe we should stop here
for Escalante Days and enjoy this real beer.”

So to that end if YOU are coming to Dolores for Rounds 5 & 6 accommodation within the town will be
tight as it is the busiest weekend of the year. Book early either with us or the in town motel if you are
not RV’ing or tent camping. Special rates at the “Cozy” will apply and there are good hot showers. It
will be tight on room but as the sign says “Cozy Comfort”


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