At Chehalis amongst all the blackberries and heavy morning dew on fresh mown grass there
lurks a new beast, difficult to see on radar,  and nearly went undetected by the ever vigilant
“no riding officer’s”…… it’s the One Trick Cub by Ray Iddon with the “Stealth” tank.

The Prototype “One Trick Cub”

When the August morning fog had lifted along with the mild hangover, there was Ray’s latest
creation the Tiger Cub in a redesigned, but original frame, rebuilt wheels, and a major alloy
welding job on the Stealth fighter looking fuel tank.


002 … for Adrian Lewis

Ray is currently building 002 for Adrian Lewis of Lewisport USA ….. so Vintage and class A riders
beware you could be in for a **** kicking when Adrian gets it. However, between you and me
Ray says there will be a learning curve as some people seem to think a 65 Cub will handle and
perform like a modern Gasser! Well like myself get ready to do your apprenticeship and we will
ask the same questions after a few events.

Early Frame Work

Let’s have a look at what Ray does, first the frame work, blocking in the top tube area having
altered the head angle, now you can have whatever forks you like either Betors as on the test
bike or maybe the lighter ceriannis on later models. All the clever holes in the tube can hold all
the electrics and keep them out of harms way.

Hubs all prepped ready for bearings and shoes

Do you have it in a wider fitting?

The Hubs are stripped down, refinished and new bearings and brake shoes complete the deal
before lacing and truing. Tires and tubes are choice of owner.

Now that’s Neat!

The All New Left side Oil Tank

Another new inovation is the left side oil tank which will accomplish two things, direct
connection of the oil pipes without the usual bends and a straight inlet tract for the carb. Some
much improved footrests will complete the basic mods for the frame. Mudguards (fenders) of
any type can be fitted along with the optional top rear tube for the back end.

In action Chehalis 2007

The tank is a work of art! and you either like it or not but it uses the standard mounts so can
always be changed and there are options to fit other types if so desired…. can’t think why?

F117 eat your heart out!

Motor wise these will, in the main, be later model 199cc bog standard motors with electronic
ignition and there is more development and sourcing going on as I write. The exhaust on the
prototype sounded fine but was not the prettiest around and I’m sure Ray will be redesigning
a Mark II for future models. Carburation on the test bike was a flat sided Del Orto and on my
very brief test ride didn’t give any cause for complaint.

002 engine at the ready…. junk that Amal!(only there to stop the dirt)

A simple flat plate seat rounds off the machine

As slim as it gets

The name ” One Trick Cub” came to Ray in a dream or alcoholic daze but either way it does fit
the new creation and as far as I know is one of the few adaptations on the good old Cub this
side of the Atlantic. If there is any interest Ray will build a second batch to customers orders
and I will supply his e-mail on request.

Testing, testing, testing

Latest updates from Ray now include the improved footrest brackets (much needed from my
experiences!) an improved exhaust system  and a neat front mudguard stay to fit ceris if you
plan using those forks.

The Much Improved Footrests

Plated Exhaust with an Expansion Box… wonder what that does?

Fender Brace for the Ceris…..YES Please!

Ray also has a very rare short stroke ex-factory 410 AJS which he might be persuaded to part
with if the greenback count is high enough.

He also has a lovely Honda 4 in pristine condition which could be yours for around $4500?


Photography  by Brenda and Ray

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  • 4/15/2008 8:35 PM peter limbert wrote:
    Hi Tony / Ray
    Very much like the “improved” cub footrests, could you make me a pair? – as yours, standard frame etc

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  • 4/21/2014 12:55 AM Justyn Norek wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    I love Rays Cub trials, can you kindly give me contact (email) to Ray please ?
    Great article about special Cub !
    Best regards
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