..The saga of the trailer and the missing wheel continued over the Christmas break and the supposedly correct axle arrived in January. The trailer shop fitted same, only 4 bolts after all, but apparently it needed a little “persuasion” to get it on.


MLK day and I’m off to collect same along with all the wheels, jacks and braces. Helpful guy says he’ll fit them at no charge so wheels go on but one hub cap won’t! Well as to be expected its the wrong size … yes, the come in 2 sizes 3.3″ or 3.19 and we need the latter but have been sent the former ……. but I’m nearly there!


Next up will be trying to rebuild the hydraulics on the Beemer center stand and then the mystery of the horn relay which is somehow wired into the anti theft mode.

Assuming progress goes well on that then time to move over to No Excuses and get that infuriating oil leak off the rocker returns fixed once and for all. Bit of bar swapping between Superglitz and No Excuses and some bar risers for same. New grips and Iridium plugs and we should be there. All of this hopefully funded by ebay sales which for some reason are remarkably slow?


The Glory Days of “Money No Object” with the VROD and our Screamin Eagle leather jackets

…….. well they were, …… and then I listed our two old HD Sreamin Eagle jackets that were purchased (when money was no object!) when I bought the SE VROD. I looked at some of the SE jackets on ebay and there were a couple of the same ones we have at OUTRAGEOUS prices!!! after some thought rather than go for the Buy-it-Now option I went for auction starting mine at $455 and Brenda’s at $405. 5 days go by of the 7 and watchers are building up and of course you never know whether they are going to bid or just curious to see what an item sells for. So on day 5 the first bids, 3 in fact, from the same buyer who is clearly covering his options. Then another joins the fray and a mini price war begins with bidder1 clearly holding the advantage.

Now we are down to the last few hours and returning after the morning drive the price has shot up to $525 !! With another hour gone bidder 3 throws in a bid and before we know it the price is $570 !!  Into the last 30 mins and battle is raging with 1 & 2 nibbling at the “cheese” but bidder 3 is NOT to be denied and runs away with it for  ………. (wait for it) …………. $650   !!!!!! WOW!

20 mins before Brenda’s comes to an end and magically the red numbers change to green and I see its the same lady who won the 1st auction going for the double. Perhaps her determination in the previous auction frightened the other potential bidders off….. anyhoo, she won that one as well. Several other goodies get the heave-ho including a pair of Sidi road race boots that I wore once for a track test day on the Ninja Z12R (a terrifying 200mph machine and anything BUT user friendly!) Another BMW leather jacket goes along with Brenda’s old skis and my Atomic Live Fit boots.


Road Racing boots ……. gone!


Ski boots ……. gone!


Small celebration supper with smoked salmon and champagne

Ebay fever lives on, and this morning a load of relisting for round 2 with newcomers in the shape of a nice unused XC-Ting Helmet that I put somewhere but could never find, which is why its still NEW !


Brenda produces a BMW handbag/purse with matching wallet and tells me I bought it for her as another extra Christmas present ? I have absolutely no recollection of this? Isn’t old age fun ?


With the success of the Harley stuff I’ll be looking for the “I’ve been everywhere Vest” that I HAD to buy to join the “cult”. What a ridiculous garment, might look pretty with all the pins but serves no useful purpose, and the wind gets under the shoulders which then slap you around at high speed.

Meanwhile the dreaded cat has been watching too much TV and dual survival and keeps converting USPS boxes into overnight shelters.


“If I could just get the fire to light”   










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