Sunday, a bit of a change in the weather, less windy (at last) and a warm up trend. Just 4 more days of school bus driving then effectively 3 months off when all the work and pleasure begins.


0945 and up to 53F already, no overnight freezes this week and temps going up from a high of 66 today and gently climbing into the low 70’s before next weekend!

A good ride yesterday so no excuses today as the weather is much better. Off down the valley towards Telluride and see if I can surpass the previous best of 10.20 miles before the turn round. Getting tough as I come to the 9.80 mile point but press on and see what is over the crest. Finally make it out to 11.11 but that last mile was hard! Well, the way back was much nicer and then coming into town a few vicious gusts to contend with but another 25.61 is done and the total is now 1312.12 and 1500 could fall by the end of the month?


This wind is getting to be something else!!!  ……. Monday, and the push continues but I’m being blown around all over the place and 30 mph gusts are not helping progress and my legs are certainly feeling it. By the time I was 7.5 miles out it was time to come back in as it was not very pleasant. 23.38 today but it was hard work.


Not Mary Poppins weather!

Tuesday, colder and even more wind! Too difficult so an early turn round and try and find some shelter in town. Eventually give this one best and finish with only 16.31 with the idea that I might bang in a few more miles after work. The wind never lets up so no more today.


Wednesday, warmer and MUCH less wind. Today out to the 8.55 marker and by previous standards a much nicer ride for 21.35 due to the early afternoon driving for “early release”.


Being Wednesday its time for 9 Ball again and so far I seem to have been back on form with two 2nd places in the 3 weeks we have played. Tonight is more of the same and I run out the Winner!


Seems I’m turning into “The 9 Ball Shark of Dolores”


Here we are, the last day, Thursday 25th May! Standard early morning run, then a 1 hour wait before setting off again to collect the elementary kids at 1045. Back for Middle and High School and take them home and back to the Bus Barn at 1330. Now clean out the bus, sweep it, unlatch the seats and tip them up and I’m done for the 2016/17 school year. Charlotte will wash and clean the bus for me as she likes the extra money and the washing action aggravates my shoulder injury sustained in the epic Pre65 in Scotland in 2009.

Before I left in the dawn I had been trying to find my diary where I record daily cycling distances, pool winnings etc, etc. No such luck but now I’m home Brenda tells me that Hercules has eaten it !!!!!

Home again but no rest quite yet so just a refreshing couple of beers before dragging “Plan B” out of her boat house. With charged batteries the motor is raised for transit, tires pumped up, lights checked and we are ready to roll and Slot 1 is now available for tonight’s arrival.

The school year is done, gardening and “those” remedial things begin but before I do a few final words on the school year from Clint Eastwood






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