Its testing time for Superglitz, but first time to mix some new fuel with a nicely perfumed racing oil that
for those of you that remember the Manx Norton,  AJS 7R, Matchless G50, comes very, very close to
Castrol R.


So whats to be tested ? Well we have built the Fembot Bionic Superglitz from a collection of exotic
parts so now time to see if they work in harmony, and are any better, or a quantum leap forward.

Up front we have the TY Mono forks, fitted with Magical Springs, and the IT/YZ front wheel with EBC
grooved shoes. Not forgetting the Gas Gas fender and brace. Up top Pro Taper bars along with white
black Domino grips.

Her mid section got the full BJ porting treatment and new Boysden reeds and of course the up and
over big bore Majesty WES exhaust.  Also the “never gap” NGK Iridium plug. Downstairs a new Moose
bendy toe shifter. Initially I’ll run with the Mikuni VM 26 working a 150 main and 35 pilot. This will then
swop to the OKO to see if there are any noticeable differences.

Down the back the New longer Magical duplex rear shocks and some more new EBC grooved shoes
and of course the new one piece slimline Majesty style retro tank/seat unit and the yellow bendy

Time to cast off the fuel lines, power cords and LOX and get this baby up
and running

Looks the part

Time to see

The Heady perfume of “R” drifts in the cooler mountain air this morning as the motor dutifully starts
on 3rd kick once crankcase compression has been restablished. No nasty surprizes with sticking
throttles, unusual metallic engine noises, leaks or other annoyonces.

Suitably warm point beast in safe direction and see if the 4 year inactive clutch will join in the fun or
sulk and drag till the ATF gets warmed up. Again smooth as silk so off I tentatively go. First and most
obvious impression is rider memory bank failure……. hmmmm !  The bike is fine but  the rider needs
some work, balance poor, control handling weak, excessive nerves all combine for a less than stellar
ride. Virtually 2 years off the bike, any bike, so a lot of work to adjust the confidence jet to match all the
new goodies, performance and handling.

All 6’s and 7″s while looking for figure 8’s

Knees MAN knees !! Not enough bend and too close together

Getting better

Two weeks before departure so I must get some saddle time in and knock out those cobwebs and
really see just what this machine will do. Seems I need to change up the pilot jet to improve that off
idle pick up. I really need to get the Mikuni back on song before trying the OKO and then I will have an
accurate comparison.

Time slips by and I did change the pilot but due to the arrival of the Cub frame never got to fire it up
and test it. Today that must be completed, and then just maybe try the OKO. First up get Madam’s
TY125 sorted which is a gas change and standard carb clean. Little beast starts and runs as sweet
as a nut and Brenda takes it for a spin and seems well pleased considering she hasn’t ridden for
two years.

With the Safari all sorted for the trip with liquids and a well deserved wash I can finally get SG out
and see how the pilot jet change worked out.  Answer …… VERY NICE !  Ooodles of power off idle in
any gear…… most impressive, revs cleanly right through the range. Only problem observed was a
fuel leak from tank to carb which looks like its coming from the cheap nasty plastic fuel filter… quick fix coming.

The fix was done, testing got postponed with the mass of other work required on the Cub so the full
saga will have to wait until it gets ridden in action at the Outlaw.


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