Finally, having had the precious cargo of the S Works Roubaix in its packaging downstairs for a week, the time has come to open the box!


My assumptions are: the wheels have been taken out, the handlebars are off, the seat post has been removed………. We will now see if you are right, Sherlock.


Yes and No. The front wheel was out, back still in. Handlebars off but cables all connected apart from front brake. Tires are soft, seat post off and as I already knew no pedals. It was beautifully packed with copious amounts of bubble wrap, Styrofoam tubing, and sheets of brown paper. Delicate work with the Stanley knife cutting through tape galore exposing more and more gorgeous paintwork.




Be very careful


Coming together

Time for a little thinks bubble? Although these bikes are built in the USA the primary teams using them on the World Circuit are all based in Europe. What nuts and bolts do they use? As I suspected its Metric but for some strange reason the nut on the pedal (other than the rider) is 9/16 ????


100 lbs goes in

Having worked out how the valve works on these high pressure tires 100lbs goes in both, pedals greased, left and right threads and the bike is back right side up.


NEW pedals on

Last few adjustments to make, seat height, handlebar position and reconnect that front brake cable and tighten up the headstock. Should be ready for “it’s” test run come Sunday morning!!


Only pedal tension to check

Meanwhile the Giant MTB has not been idle and the pedals have punched out 361.29 miles at close of play Thursday 16th. Current target is the 400 mile banner by Sunday.

Amazing deal on Ebay Thursday night! For the FIFTH time I asked a seller for the chest size on a cycling shirt that goes beautifully with the new Specialized Roubaix.

I had previously pointed out various things that I thought were WRONG in her listing and in some cases she corrected them but NEVER did what I asked for and re-measured the chest armpit to armpit!

The listing gave the measurement as XL and she claimed it measured 18″ armpit to armpit and was a 36″chest which in men’s wear would be a small.


Looking at the picture, the shirt appeared “baggy” on the model and assuming a bust measurement of 36 the shirt just had to be bigger, so once more I requested the size!


The shirt was re-measured at 44″ and now the rub……… she offered it to me for $1.00 !!!!! + shipping!!!!!!!!!!! …… well, of course I said “YES”



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