Phase IV (the waxing) now complete

With tons of work in the boat house, and some good results there time to turn my attention to other pursuits. Gardening continues, more plants rescued from the Walmart Mortuary where plants get sent to die…… a sort of hospice for healthy plants which left their nursery and were sent to Walmart Cortez where dehydration is sure to set in within 2 days and they will die a sad and lonely death.


Waterfall area all weeded

The Waterfall area was weeded and the last of the “new wm’s”  located, planted and watered in. More weeding on the driveway and then the 2 day battle on the front bed which is now the last of this year’s weeding zones to be attacked.


A few rescued Walmart plants

Out on the road the “Dolores 500” has been completed so the next hurdle will be the 1000 which I guess will take another 2 months if enthusiasm can be maintained.

Strange day, a hint of thunderstorms but nothing happened apart from the odd boom and a few sprinkles. The boat fenders got their last dose of paint remover and their first sanding. The mountain bike was cleaned and is ready for the next 500 ?


Ready for the next 500

With all the parts taken off the boat, rollers and their bars, fenders, the winch system,  tie down chains etc, all made their way to the paint bay.





The last units get their coat of paint

All the other bright and glittery bits are ready for de-tarnishing and of course more new parts have been purchased to replace rusted and broken bolts and the winch system which was less than perfect.

Tasks for today, are new trailer lights, polishing, final coats on boat house artifacts and back to the front bed and drive for yet more of the weeding.



More nautical artifacts

Meanwhile the peonies and roses are blooming, hopefully the roses will NOT be harvested by the thieving bastard who cut them ALL last year!

I’m back in the workshop…… but so is the Cottonwood fluff and we are in full blizzard mode every afternoon as the whole town is subjected to this annual pest.

The weekend arrives and the days tasks are; Trailer lights and then refitting the freshly painted fenders, side rollers, and winch system. Brenda completes the Phase IV waxing …… and it gleams! She also fits some cushioning on the side rollers and joins me on the bright parts polishing and rectification.


Bright parts polishing

More gauges are found on Ebay and she gets what we hope will be a good deal. The Tower of Power also gets a waxing so now for those trailer lights.



The “Tower of Power” gets a waxing

First inspection shows the system was beyond repair with bare wires and a dead end on the ground or earth wire. The entire mess is stripped from the trailer and rewiring begins. One side has welded lugs that take the cable while the other has zero. Mucho drilling required and a new bonus set of Makita drill bits make short work of the project through the 1/4″ steel. All nicely secured by cable ties. Another hole required to secure the ground/earth wire and now the final wiring of the 7 pin RV plug.


Beyond hope!


New lights go on


Wired up to a new connector

Shade garden watering complete, time for a beer, and test the Sidi cycling shoes I used to use on my many rides around Phoenix back in 2002. The shoes have those “cleats” which lock into the pedals and are made by a well known ski binding company. They keep your foot firmly anchored on the pedal so you get max power from each pedal stroke. However, this I always thought was bloody dangerous on a mountain bike as you have to twist your foot to break the binding lock should you need a quick “dab” on a mountain track. I decided to remove the cleats so this was the first outing without ……… not a great idea as without them the shoes and their hard sole slip about all over the pedal ! They have been replaced and I’ll stop being a wimp and try again. Nice couple of beers and a good well earned pizza completed Saturday.

Sunday and its a planned day of bolting all the freshly painted bits back on ………. here is my horoscope for Sunday.


Hi, here is your Daily Tarot for Sunday – Jun 19, 2016
The Pope:
Save those creative, foot-loose and fancy-free activities for another day and focus on the nuts and bolts. If you’ve been putting off doing something necessary but not fun, knock it out now and then feel accomplished when finished. You can earn a lot of regard and admiration for this. You won’t be allowed to keep too low a profile, so just step up and do what’s important for today. You should encounter no resistance.



Rollers and fenders back on


New winch and post on


New block and “custom” spacers

Everything goes back on and all the new bolts and nuts tightened with just the winch to go. The bolt holes do not match up so more work with the new drill bits and the winch is operational ….. well, nearly as the new strap is 5′ too long so that will have to be changed for the shorter one.

The Cadi is backed up, lights connected and they all work and she likes the job!

Monday, and Brenda sets off to get the trailer title and register the boat. Not so fast Mrs Boatowner! ……… you need a VIN inspection. No matter try the boat registration……… sorry, closed on Mondays well at least she got the winch strap and the boat shop found a matching cleat so something positive in an annoying morning.

Back home I’m into watering and the last of the driveway weeding and a quick look at the roses which were looking good. Now a fu7%^ deer has eaten all the new buds just before they opened …. yum, yum!


Seems the thief was a deer!



“IT” left us some to enjoy


Driveway finished at last

Brenda is none too happy with her morning failures and rings our local Sheriff who is at the Town Hall. Sheriff is round in a flash and the hunt for the VIN number begins …… nothing! Hardly surprising on a 1960’s trailer but we do find some letters under the paint  ….. S  H  E   …….. FF    1 ELD   ……. I had to laugh and explain to the lady Sheriff that it spells SHEFFIELD  where these girders had been made all those years ago. However, lady Sheriff is on the phone, says “No problem we have a paper trail ” and signs off on the paperwork.

Some time later Brenda returns with a NEW license plate and it is duly bolted on. By now I’ve finished weeding the side of the boathouse and also managed to get the cover off the stern light.


Freshly weeded boathouse


Happiness  is a Colorado registered trailer

Tuesday, so winch strap to go  on, then “bright shiny things”


All winched up

Winched up but Brenda decides its time for cleaning and washing out the inside of the boat ……. and what came out was pretty nasty but a great job.


What a mess, but very worthwhile

Wednesday, and its officially “Bright Shiny Things Day” and with another bag o’ stainless bolts……. let the action begin!





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