Once again I wait ! “Out of the Blue” sounds a little military and is reminiscent of my flying days and
sitting at the end of the runway on Alert. Well today out of the blue refers to the 4 big travelling boxes
that accompany the trials bikes on their trans american journies. The Question is “what is in them, do
I need them, or is there a pile of stuff to sell or junk ??”

What secrets do those blue boxes hold ?

These and many other questions can now be answered as another weekend looms and I can brave
the workshop cold to investigate.

This may take some time

An afternoon of sifting, sorting, scrapping and getting rid of the “magpie” that refuses to junk  parts
when they are clearly done……. I must have had 20+ used sparking plugs in amongst the boxes and
none of those are ever going back in an engine so why keep them ?

Boxes rearranged and up on the shelves where I can see whats what and then come May and our
first event of the year I can methodically load what I need for the trek up to Canada and Outlaw Dave’s
25th Outlaw Trial.

Let the dog see the rabbit

With everything boxed up to my satisfaction time to get on with today’s project which has to be that
swinging arm. The new bits (which I now know which box they are in)  are readied for action and
destruction of the fiber bushings begins.

New bushings and shims at the ready

While I’m doing this I can’t help but feel something is wrong here ? The sharp little tool breaks off
chunk after chunk of fiber and finally both sides are free and clear…….. then it dawns on me …… the
center section is missing!!!!!!

Lots of soul searching,  “could I have assembled it like this ?” etc, etc,…….. but then I get to thinking
and the only explanation has to be that while it was being “easy outted” for the grease nipple I can only
surmise that it fell out on their workshop floor ! No matter, I know I have some spares…….

TY250 in foreground,  TY175 behind

As we can see the TY250 unit has perforations in it to allow the grease to get in between the pivot
bolt and the carrier. Strange that the TY175 doesn’t have the same system and must rely on there
being enough grease on assembly and that the owner will religiously grease the unit about twice a
year. While the 250 unit has those holes to let the grease in, if there isn’t any and water and mud have
ingressed the unit then it is easy to see why they can rust and lock up. The unit is readied for action
and fitted.

New bushings in, shims in the cup

Footrest hangers are straightened, units cleaned and reassembled and after the choice of swinging
arm bolt length the whole bionic assembly slots into place with a little persuasion.

Cleaned up and ready to go

“Swing low……. sweet charr…….iot”

C’mon new shocks

So with the swinging bionic arm in place with it’s new grease nipple, bushings and shims, not
forgetting a new carrier time to get an expert opinion from none other than the Bionic Woman,
Lindsay Wagner.

“Hows that feel for a bionic swinging arm ?”


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