The joys of a workshop without a heater in Colorado, just wait till I get
my IRS refund !

Well these temperatures are really causing me some grief !  This morning its 4F and certainly feels
like it and the forecast is not to even make freezing point throughout the day. I’m trying to paint my
lower fender for Superglitz, a simple task one would say, it was already painted in white so a pretty
good base coat so just clean and add the required color. Simple you say ?

Can’t understand why this paint won’t stick

Of course life isn’t like that and I’m painting outside the spec for the paint. Today then, strip my
previous disaster and try again.

“OK, smarty pants what are you going to do to make a difference this time?”

“Well Jose, as I own a RV park with hot showers etc I’m going to use the Ladies Restroom/Loo and
Shower facilities as my paint bay !”

When entering said room the light switch automatically switches on the heater fans making the
room pretty toastie for anyone taking a shower. As the owner I know this room can get pretty warm as
many of our guests seem unable to grasp the complexity of the “on/off” switch and leave the bloody
thing on full time.

The Office floor is cleaned of the debris left by the thawing Superglitz, stripper is applied to the plastic
and the wait begins once more. Round 1 done, second coat of stripper on and now time for other
tasks. Third coat on and leave overnight. Finally back to black and rubber removed ready for some

The ladies Loo is prepped as the paint bay and the battle commences once more.

A tentative Renoir readies the rattlecan and palate

Fingers crossed……..

So a couple of days to dry, harden and set before I refit and in the meantime I need to find a suitable
piece of rubber to replace the worn out burnt original where the pipe goes through. Next on the menu
time to get some work done on the back wheel and repolish the mag brake plate. While wandering,
the now clean, workshop the “eye” came across a set of new gold rims ? Can’t remember what I was
going to use them for but ………. maybe, just maybe, they would finish this job off if I can run to it.

Gold rims ?  food for thought

Serious polishing required

New cover plate to make to replace the oil pump cover which is already selling on the bay.The shocks
should have left the UK today so I live in hope they will be here within the week. Found a TY250D style
rear brace which is what I used on the previous Majesty so I can now take the hacksaw to the frame
and cut off the rear loop with “that” offset mudguard mounting point which just looks wrong.

Rear Loop removed on my previous Majesty, you can also see how the
TY250A kickstand can hit the sprocket.

Today’s mission find some alloy and a bit of rubber for the lower mudguard. Still looking for a new set
of bars in black and some black petrol pipe tubing. Still on the waiting/arrival list:

Engine  Barrel and Head

Rear Shocks


Front Mudguard in yellow

Front Mudguard  brace

Front Number board

Rear Brace

Folding tip Shifter

Special order decals

Alloy found, a bit more skillful today with the saw, so the shape is hacked out and filing can be done
to finish the job off and then drilling and final polishing. Rubber still proving elusive, but the search

Meanwhile a Gas Gas fender is sourced from Adrian Lewis along with the smaller version of the No
Excuse Cub’s front plate…… slowly coming together now…… just need to find those black bars and I’ll
be well pleased.

Over on the ebay the last two items are coming under the hammer tonight and like all things ebay you
can never tell, for example when I built Glitz and Superglitz from the 30+ yamahas I had I used a couple
of cable guides. One went around the wiper and the other on the upper fork leg just under the yoke,
anyhoo I put them on ebay at $10.99

SOLD for $ 37.00 !!! how can that be ???

So tonight we have the showchrome exhaust which at last has a bid, and the SM tank/seat unit signed
by Mick Andrews. The last time I sold one of these units it was for a TY175 and the bottom of the tank
got cracked and was therefore pretty useless…….. it sold for $350 and went off to France !! So what then
will happen to a Grade A unit + signature ? Currently it has a bid at the opening price of $249.99

SOLD for  $184.87  ……. perhaps worth $250 ?

SOLD for $273.88 I thought it would be close to $400 with that sig

Today I found the 6″ lift Black Bars……..Hooray! but at the same time my engine is missing ???
I should have paid the extra, sent it Priority and paid for tracking…… but I didn’t and its now 3 days
overdue at its destination. Still the post is a mystery all round as a letter from inside the lower 48 sent
last Saturday is not here but the Domino grips from the UK made it in 4 days.

Back to waiting…….. but its getting warmer


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