Here is an article I wrote last summer while in the throes of repairing two Ducati Elephants, trying
to plan a prospective Rally & Treasure Hunt, and finishing off the 2010 census. It also contained the
fun of our summer “Shade Garden Party” …… and then it zoomed off into the ether never to be seen
again! For whatever reason “it ” has come back…….. as I’m fresh out of ideas for another article here
it is…….. and then it rained!


The last phase of the Census now draws to a close, so I shall be out of work on a temporary basis
until the next fulfilling mission in the tapestry of life unfolds. Well it gives me a chance to finish off the
Elefants, complete the last parts on Richard’s Jumbo SWM and get the Rally wrapped up ready for
delivery in August.

I don’t know what it is about Travelocity Gnomes but every dealer, ebay seller, manufacturer or
members of the main organization all seem determined to NOT return ANY of my calls or emails! I
guess it must be a gnome thing. 3 questions asked on ebay and not a sniff of a reply. Well no
matter I’ll do it my way and call some gnome friends and see if they want a mountain vacation.

“hey TG fancy a trip to Colorado ?”  “Hmmm, thanks Tony I’ll ring Harry
and Uncle Tom Cobbly and All”

“Uncle Tom ?  are you coming to Dolores ?”

“Hi All Bike, don’t forget the Dolores River Rally!”

The rectifier has been fitted along with another 4 pin plug which I’m told is also a problem point and
the more wiring I do on these things the more confused I become as heavy gauge wire mates up
with very delicate flimsy bits ? Only need to put the wires back on the battery and then I’m complete
and if it doesn’t work then I’m at a total loss!

Today is party day in the Shade Garden so a bit of clean up after yesterday’s storm before the
hoards arrive and the crawdad man arrives with his 100 lbs of Colorado lobsters! Brenda has the
brisket on and fortunately I got the cushions into the dry before the storm which soaked everything
and put a big CNX on any lawn mowing activities.

All ready! the Hostess can relax

The lawn is mown, and the guests arrive and my “obscene” margarita glass ventures out once
more. No doubt the results will be similar to last year as it only gets to come out once a year.

The “Obscene Glass” is loaded!

The Crawdads are enormous and Donny soon has his boil on and they are a’cooking. Not only smell
good but they look like there is some meat on these boys.

Giant Crawdads (Co Lobsters) ready for their hot swim

The party is in full swing until 4 pm when the forecast first crash of thunder arrives sending campers
and party goers running for cover. The wet weather programme comes into play with pool and poker
and the “wise” had elected to set the food out inside so nothing was ruined.

A nice afternoon in the Shade Garden

“Honest, it was THIS big!”

“Not what I heard”

…….and then it rained

With the party and census just over, time to energize the Elefant. All the wires carefully routed and
connected, on with the key …….. NOTHING!! Not even an oil light. Well it seems,contrary to my learned
colleagues statement  “they are all the same” the 4 wires leading to the 4 pin plug that gives all the
trouble are not all the same! There are 3 red wires and one orange and although I have orange to
orange the other three are obviously incorrectly mated up. Clearly this IS the problem area as it was
working fine before  Shadetree did the bomb disposal trick and cut through the wires. From the
limited Ducati wiring diagram akin to the London Underground map, here are the directions…..

“Take the Orange to Charing X, then change to the Red for…..”

Two wires are HOT coming from the battery and the orange comes or goes to the ignition switch…..
they all go to the two main fuses……. and before you ask yes I have checked them. Now of course I
need to know which wires are hot. Moral……. never trust an EXPERT !

Tee- heee, He will never figure this out

Time to get my new circuit tester out again and probe the plug, but first I’ll try “Good Mechanic, Bad
Mechanic” on the Elefant and see if he knows…… after all they say an Elephant never forgets.

 OK, I’ll ask you one more time which of these red wires are HOT ?”


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