By Friday, 6/5/20 the case number had risen 46 and then 50 on 6/7/20 and 7 New cases this morning on 6/8/20 which is somewhat alarming ! 58 cases on 6/10/20

I hope you can’t catch it weeding?

Sorry, it’s going to be a VERY LONG 12th Night !

We will wait and see!!

Testing Continues

Your friendly Walmart Greeter!

Of course if you have other plans we can also help in that department as well

How thoughtful ?

If its something for personal defence then maybe this ?

Personally I prefer a 7 mm Mag … or if improved education is what you are looking for in these troubled times get the School activity bus to take you on a REAL Farm visit !

I’m afraid I despair !!!!

Never mind in times of crisis strong leadership will prevail, but of course that requires a leader


I always wondered why he stood like that in the “Leaning Trump Tower of Pizza” pose?

…… and no, it doesn’t get any better …….

A 75 year old man is forcefully shoved and falls

He cracks his skull on the pavement and starts bleeding …….

This complete Dumbfuck says he was a violent ANTIFA protestor and that “he” staged the fall to make it look worse  …….. man you are a sick deranged individual!!!

Let’s not forget what this IS all about ….. a Black man being murdered in police custody!

Slavery stopped here !   ….. and NO MORE Confederate Flags

Now perhaps you understand   …… but I doubt it

It would also appear all my UK taxes sorted out any slavery debts I didn’t even know about

From HIS Bunker Suite

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

…….. and you wonder why ?






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