Its that time of the year again and the party season is upon us once more. Yesterday it was the
Mancos Bus Driver’s Christmas breakfast. Hardly a riotous occasion but a nice gesture from the
school as when they have the Teacher’s breakfast we are still out bringing their students in for
school. Yesterday being Friday was the last day of school for 2010 and was my last drive of the year
and a very quick one it was too with only 5 passengers.

Today after some seasonal white stuff over night its the Hollywood First Winter Pool Championship
and I did actually qualify this year with a good second place back in October. This one is a bit like the
Scottish Six Days, you don’t expect to win but its good fun to be THERE and compete. Rounding off
this weekend Brenda has her annual Solstice Party with poker & pool and fortunately we are not
expected to dress like Druids.

Just another party at the “Henge”

Sometime during the week there will be the other annual event in the town with an on foot Poker Run
around all the town businesses with much egg nog and brownies and other Christmas fare and then
on Christmas Eve a bonfire party which I believe is something new.

The snow continued all day, with about 6″ falling and at times looked very pretty but it was a wet snow
and temps never really got that low so it all became slushy in no time. The Pool competition swung
into gear and although I was playing reasonably well I wasn’t playing well enough! As expected our
local semi-pro was on top form and never lost a game. Further evening excitement when the dripping
snow got into a timing unit on the outside lights and tripped the circuit breaker so another task this

Full swing literally, with the axe as both fires will be in full flame all afternoon so many, many baskets chopped and brought in during the nonstop body chilling rain… yuk! The conditions are now screwing
up the cable TV with channels dropping out due to the miserable weather. Shame as I was actually
enjoying a bit of Christmas stupidity called “The Santa Incident” when Santa gets shot down and the
govt sends a team in to investigate the aliens.

Not a gunsight solution I’m familiar with !

Not looking too rosey for Santa

Last year the party weather was a blizzard but this time a nice steady continuous rain, and its still
raining this morning. Further up country the weather forecast is for 6 Feet of snow! Won’t that be fun?
The fires are lit and the guests arrive, very soon the noise levels are rising as bottles are emptied and
games are played.

I’ve just been informed what all the digits mean……… how rude!

Pool in progress

Our own resident Santa…… “Hogleg” and Izzie

Brenda test drives the new “obscene” wine glass

I’ll stick with the poker beer glass

Christmas Day and as usual I’m cooking and for the first time I can remember we are on our own.
Maybe just as well as we have no presents under the tree, although yesterday as I was feeling so bad
about the whole thing I stopped by at our local nursery who were having a 75% off all Christmas
decorations and found 3 very simple ornaments for the tree which fairly accurately depict the major
changes in our life in 2010. Amazing that something so cheap could alter my entire day and feelings
for the season. Needless to say this morning I told Brenda that Santa had “been” and she too enjoyed
these simple gifts.

Brenda became a Chef  in 2010 and rolls a great pizza

I became a School Bus Driver

We were blessed with “our” first grandchild, Sophie, 9/22/2010

So with no time frame to make, lunch will be ready when its ready! A few changes to my traditional
offerings this year with some different stuffing and a new brussel sprout  and parsnip dish I saw
Ramsey making. By 1030 the stuffing is done, the dangerous cocktails are brewing, and phone calls
to family are under way.

A new stuffing mix for 2010

The Dangerous Christmas Cocktails are ready

Another nice bird by Chef Tony

Post lunch and silly hats a simple evening by the fire and lights watching many sentimental and eye watering favorite movies on the Hallmark Channel and the day is done.


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