PATIENCE, MY SON COUNT TO 10 …….7, 8 , 9

7 , 8 , 9 ,

Having spent a weekend with some friends who ride trials and a bunch that ride cleans it is pleasant to now be able to use my time in the pursuit of what I want to do rather than waste two months on ungrateful and unappreciative bastards who I can honestly do without. As I said in the previous article there will be no more Dolores 2 Day Trials and NO MORE Trialsmastering duties for me!

No, its not sour grapes or lack of interest, far from it……. its more the total lack of understanding of the time and effort that goes into these events and what it takes from inception, the planning, and the execution to bring one to fruition.  Of course you always want it to be better than the last one, take all skill levels into account, and provide a fun and challenging event for all.  This time it didn’t happen due to some circumstances outside my control but I’m dammed if I am going to put up with abuse and bad manners because some of the lesser lights could not do better than 5 in a series of new untried and unridden sections. No Sir, you organize your own bloody events!

Right enough of that, I’ve got it out of my system and now I can relax and get on with rebuilding my Cub ready for Casper and Tucker Ranch, both places that I really enjoy.

When we left it I had devised a way to get the barrel on and get the rings located the right way up and with 120 degree offsets. The next stage is fitting the head and the fun of the pushrods and tube and with that all in place the fiddling with tappets etc. That will be my Wednesday task and if that goes well the rest should be relatively easy.


Where I start, Wed 8/13/14

First few attempts have been frustrating ….. I can get the exhaust push rod on but the inlet defies every which way. Using the limited knowledge, a bent paper clip and maybe if that fails the rubber band trick I will try again……… surely they can’t be this difficult?

5 hours of workshop time says it is! Obviously doing something wrong but I’ll persevere. Eventually acknowledge defeat and decide to take the engine out of the frame so I now have it on the bench where I can see what I’m doing.  So close, but oh so far!


Finally I give in and get the motor on the bench!

Forecast rains arrived and still raining this morning so another good excuse to be in the workshop and get it right. More Guru advice and today will be the rubber band, and dental pick trick and see if this one will be on tour at Las Vegas, yes I can see it now at the Mirage.


Rubber band in place, lets see if this works


Inlet left, Exhaust right, now held in this position by the band


Flashlight, bent paper clip and the dental pick

Some investigating with and without the pushrod tube, and yes, I can do this with not too much trouble now I can see what I’m doing with the engine upright on the bench.


Gottcha !!

Finally all back together, but I still have a few questions which can wait until tomorrow if I can’t get answers today. Now time to tidy up the workshop after the mess I made last night when I inadvertently whipped off the clutch cable, ignition wires, and oil lines as the last items holding the engine in the frame. In my frustration the fact that the oil tank was still full never entered the manic mind so I now have a quart of new SAE 50 on the floor ……. brilliant!

Run into town for a few misc duties and buy a new feeler gage as it seems mine is on permanent loan somewhere. Well Inlet no problem with adjustment but with exhaust adjuster fully screwed down the closest I can get is around 15 thou.



Inlet can be adjusted



Down tight on exhaust but still 15thou to go!

Closer inspection reveals that the new exhaust valve maybe marginally shorter ? Of course it could be that both adjusters are worn after 50 years of pounding their little hammers …. might need to have some bullet hard welding done on one of them to make it a smidge longer and for those not familiar with a “smidge” its longer than a “tad” and about 1/2 a “tooch”.

So here we are, 1 week post the trial, and with only 2 weeks to the next one at Casper…….. when does this saga ever end??

Today I will press on with reassembly in the hope that something can be done ref these bloody tappet adjusters and one day at some time I might just get to ride it once more.








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  1. Hi Tony, great to hear you kept your sanity and are back doing the stuff you enjoy. Looking forward to seeing the Cub up and running again and your report from Casper. Cheers, Trev

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