Peace & Solitude

While the Pandemic rages throughout the World our safety factor isolation continues. With the easing of restrictions 3 new cases in the county has to be expected as visitors seem to be everywhere, especially from AZ, where they have been turning a blind eye to everything going on around them and have in NO WAY adhered to any CDC guidelines.

Up here I’ve completed Round 5 of the Chemo Maintenance pill program but the side effects are very painful to hands and feet with all the peeling and cracking skin.

No real attack on the flower beds, as yet, but we are only 1/2 way through May so I’ll be on it soon when I’ve hit some of those cycling targets. 3 flat tires this week! all from hitting little sharp bits of gravel in the road …… of course you see it frequently happening to Tour de France competitors at some of the worst moments of the race.

Currently my ambitious program is for 3 days of 30+ miles, today being Day 2. Yesterday I was on target and less than 1/4 mile from home when another “ping” and then some tricky steering as the front blew out….. off the bike and walk home in disgust but I will not be beaten and with 28.70 its a quick tube change and out again to make 31.50 for the day.

So today more fun, as I passed 26.70 and going well I see the front going down AGAIN!  …..a little closer and make it home with about 20 lbs left. This time its a needle nosed bullet hard thorn. Located and removed and yet another tube goes in! Total for the day 32.35

Having some serious thoughts on life, or what’s left. Feeling VERY lonely, unwanted, and unloved. Thoughts, are with the World in chaos, zero to look forward to, the chemo medication makes walking painful to impossible and my hands are next to useless.  Perhaps I should stop taking the pills and see how long I have left?  I AM CURRENTLY NOT ENJOYING WHAT THERE IS.

This is what those “nice pills” are doing to my left foot

……. and the right! Very painful and difficult to walk ….. worth it ??

Day 3 of the challenge and I make it to 34.65 without a puncture to be seen! Yearly total now 1010.75    …….. life gets a little BETTER!

Tuesday and despite all the good riding of the last 3 days there will be NONE today and little chance tomorrow as the winds are classed as damaging between 35-50 so the Roubaix gets a rest day or two. Brenda went in to SW Hospital this morning for some plumbing work and the Surgeon has rung to say all went well and she is in recovery so I await the call …… I have to go in anyway for more blood testing and pick up Round 6 of the pills.

Testing, pills, and Brenda all done and collected and home again in the vicious winds which are blowing things over as the wind gusts increase. Maybe some gardening in about an hour or so. The trench was dug, new electric cable fitted across the drive, now working and back filled.

The trench is dug

Backfilled and working

Water flows

Wednesday followed suit with zero riding in the high winds but a good session of gardening and collecting all the fallen branches. Whisky barrels all weeded and their surrounds cleaned up. More gardening in the forecast for Thursday!

After another day of gardening with all the branches picked up, the seed bed by the Maple cleaned out including a couple of years worth of roots from the said Maple. Driveway weeded and some work completed on the Scuffy surrounds which is where I am now.

Seed bed weeded and cleaned of leaves, weeds and roots

You can see where I got to with the weeding  TBC …..

More pruning of roses

The bigger logs from the fall’s wood hunting ready for cutting

Friday and after 3 non riding days time to get back in the saddle and try for another target to keep the enthusiasm in full cry. Next one, is the HALF WAY point, or International Date Line, at 12,451.00 hard fought pedaling miles. Currently I’m at 12,401.68 and the gap is very doable in two days. Following the dismal cancer year’s riding the next target after that will be to crack the 2019 total of 1113.32 which I should manage next week as I’m at 1010.75 for this year already.

DAY 1 of the mission 2/28/16 in full COPD mode and 3.39 miles achieved

Today, 2 part ride with dog feeding and walking in the middle but 30.55 done leaving  just 18.77 to the painted line in the road to mark the 1/2 way point on the IDL or the 180 degree meridian opposite Greenwich.

“Meanwhile”, Saturday 5/23 its the start of Session 6 of those bloody pills and then a couple of hours of leaf blowing, weeding and lawn mowing all before saddling up for the 1/2 way dash. 1200 noon and blowing, mowing, and strimming all complete ….. coffee next!

Off we go into the ever increasing wind, yes another Red Flag Day with high gusty winds!  Nearly 2 hours later I’m back with the sash for making it 1/2 way around the Equator and a couple of extra miles for good measure at 21.78    As they say “Its all downhill from here!” Oh really ?

Yes! first 1/2 done ……… where’s the champagne ?


It tastes good …… very good


















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