August 1st 2019 after one month of surgeries and chemo, the tires are pumped up once more and a test ride is underway. Not the longest but enough to see if the stomach muscles that had been savaged were strong enough to push the pedals. All seemed OK so maybe some more miles can be achieved as I drag my sore body through this chemo shit.

Up at the bus barn we seem to have a disaster in the making, and the self making variety caused by the School District. Poor planning is the cause and NO excuses are acceptable! Larry, the last Director of Transportation, left at the end of May and it was assumed that Ken, our mechanic, would takeover in an interim capacity until the NEW Director was appointed.

Ken, does not wish to do the job and is happy to just be the mechanic and carry on as normal. We are led to believe that the “New” appointee is coming from Montana and doesn’t even have a CDL let alone any knowledge of School Bus Driving! On the home front we WILL be short of drivers BIGTIME as of course I’m off with Cancer and chemo, Eileen broke her arm and does not wish to drive any more, and our one and only regular “Sub”, Eddie, has been refused a pay rise!

I’ve volunteered my services as Trg  Off, but as nobody seems to understand the magnitude of what is required you can safely assume nothing will happen in this area either. There is No update for new students, pick up points or timings and it all starts, next Tuesday week with only 4 of the 6 routes with drivers!!!

Having lost over 40 lbs with cancer/chemo and the Nutrisystem it will be interesting to see if any of my riding outfits are small enough to ride in ? Time to pump up the Roubaix and start the long haul back up that mileage ladder. A quick 10.50 before a beer at the brewpub and a visit to the School Offices to arrange a Monday meeting to chat over the problems.

Saturday 8/3 and I’ll try for some weeding again today and then maybe another 10 miles this afternoon. Weeding yes, riding no.

Sunday, a non event and did 4/5th of nothing all day.

Monday, a bit more zip in the step and off to the School Offices to discuss some of my thoughts which seemed to be reasonably well received. Another 5.11 miles clocked up in the process so a few things moving along and I might do some weeding and provisional rock layout to accommodate my “birthday frogs” this afternoon.

A bit of weeding and a few other routine tasks complete the day.

Just a small area to finish after coming back from the hospital who want more blood …… but now its clotted at the end of the shoulder top up valve so I’m having 30 minutes of “Warfarin” to fix  it!!!

By the time I’m ready for weeding its raining again and the project is cnx.

Just for Edward, parked behind my RV !

Birthday tomorrow and round 3 of that nice chemo stuff , WOW lucky ME


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