Just like Phoenix emerging from the ashes Superglitz will reappear in her NEW Bionic state. Bigger,
better, faster, stronger…….. etc, etc. This may take awhile but from my “mind’s eye” I can already see
her in all her glory and NEW livery.


First experiment conducted today to see if my predictions on the Mono front end would work. The new bearing I located just after Christmas fits perfectly and I retain the 22 ball bearing top end. So with that
fitted I can move on and complete some of the initial rebuild. First the engine top end must be sent off
for some “breathing on” and then the bottom half can be taken out and cleaned…. and here a word of
advice, it is a lot easier to offer the frame to the engine rather than the other way round, of course you
can do it both ways but trust me on this one ….. engine on the floor then place frame around it and
then it will line up nicely.

Lower cup fitted, 22 mini balls in place in the top………..

It fits !!

Off with it’s head

More demonic cleaning

Just as an aside I have totted up all the planned improvements to SG and apart from what has been
spent, and those parts I already had, I’m looking now at an extra $1200…. a lot of cash …. but there
again if it can be financed from ebay sales then there isn’t any out of pocket expense. Perhaps that is
why the Bionic Man & Woman cost $6,000,000 a copy !

In other news the NEW Xc-ting riding gear that i won on ebay from Sandiford’s in the UK all arrived
yesterday, pretty good deal as I paid on Monday, goods shipped Tuesday and it arrived on Friday !
So the boy racer will also be in his new livery for 2012, which of course should match the SG and our
old friend  “No Excuse” who will also be getting some work done, although most of that is cosmetic,
rather than performance related.

Today’s project “off with it’s head!” and barrel too as these are going off to be given the latest in all
singing all dancing porting improvements. With that all done off with all the other ancillaries and a
load of cleaning and polishing. The motor job I’m told will take a couple of weeks so plenty of time to
play with the rest. This weekend I’m hoping to finish the cleaning, swop bars and maybe test the new
front end.

A bit grubby

As Sgt Wadman said “If its Brass or Alloy it WILL shine!”

Looks like the swinging arm grease nipple got sheared off somewhere along the way so that should
be fun trying to get that out ! Also down the arse end maybe saw off the rear frame loop for that more
“modern” look .

No Shade, that’s a bionic arm ! ……… just can’t get the staff these days

Swinging arm with sheared nipple ….. what fun !

Take off the Showas and order some Magicals.  Having considered all the shocks available, Betors, Falcons, Rockshocks and Magicals I’m leaning towards Magicals because they have a tapered
spring which doesn’t foul the chain run as many of the others do when upsidedown gas shocks are

Tapered springs look good to me

Not that I need them but to finish these off, and I’m after the ones on the right in titanium, then some
added bling in matching washers and nuts.

Bling, bling……

Plenty of time, better try and get it right the first time so another phone call to Adrian at Lewisport and
find a suitable modern front mudguard in yellow and the small hi-polished front number board.


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  • 2/29/2012 6:50 PM Scott wrote:
    Looking good Tony,can,t wait to see it when you,re finished.
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  • 3/1/2012 1:19 AM alex wrote:
    Hi Tony.
    what polishing equipment to you have?
    I haven’t seen any suggestion that you have a fully equipped workshop but the polishing you achieve is beyond a tube of auto sol and a soft cloth.
    Thanks for sharing your ‘retirement’ with us all
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  • 3/1/2012 9:45 AM Jim Carey wrote:

    Happy to see that the Phoenix is rising… it looked like you were selling off the whole bike bit by bit on ebay

    Happy motoring!

    Jim “OSSA-boy” Carey
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