Ha. Ha, Matey, fe, fo, fi, fum, bottle of rum, and other ridiculous nautical expressions. Pirate booty it
might have been, dubloons and pieces of eight. Well in this context the pieces of eight are the last 8
sections for Day 2 of the Dolores event, and some are indeed burried treasure!

They tell me the temp is around 96F which must be a Dolores record but having had a day off the
trials front yesterday I’m determined to get something done despite the heat. If it all gets too much I
will return to the shade garden for a refreshing beverage and might even get a nut and bolt on the Cub
machine. Could also try my luck on some panel beating on the Safari as thats parked in the shade.

Today I would like to look at Lost Canyon Creek on the west side of the bridge and also link Bottle
House and Podium together and complete the layout for those two sections. Depending on how that
goes then I could get “Tin Can Alley” done as well but that might have to wait until the weekend.

Looking over the bridge I can now see my next section! More on that one when I’m down there with
saw and clippers. Today then, onwards and see the home makeover edition of Bottle House. First up
difficult to imagine who lived there and what they did. Clearly they drank a lot and were fascinated with
masonry and adobe although it seems a longer apprenticeship would have been beneficial.

The side wall of “Bottle House” a lot of drinking required!

Well into their garden area and remove the dishwasher and other miscellaneous junk and then saw
branches off the fir such that we can complete our turns and get over the adobe wall. This is going to
be a bit like the Dambusters WWII raid as after the first few bashplate strikes the wall will be breached
and it might become a ride through.

The Adobe Wall which reminded me of the Dams raid, 16 May 1943, and I
think after several bash plate strikes it will be breached

…… a bit like this after 617 Squadron had been with their Lancasters

…… and yes, this is me enjoying 8 years of display flying with Lancaster
PA 474 The City of Lincoln

Enough nostalgia, and more sawing and trimming and Bottle House gets the seal of approval for all
lines. Lets see it from the rider’s perspective. The section opens with a quick climb into a left turn on
the loose adverse and then tracks along behind the roof. 4’s turn in early while 1,2, & 3 go across an
adverse descending around the small fir tree and all my cut branches.

3/4 stay low, 1/2 up higher and all turn left

Everyone down the back of the house with 1/2/3 straight on and around
the fir and my cut branches

4’s turn left down the hill where I’m standing, 1/2/3 around the tree and
cut branches. 1 goes over the Adobe Dam to the left, 2’s to the right while
3’s take a wider line 

Ends & Start cards at the corner as we move into “Podium”

For those that want to get on the podium this weekend, here’s your chance! We exit Bottle House and
are straight into “Podium” on level ground. 3 & 4 ride around the rostrum and enter via a hole in the
wall while 1 & 2 mount the steps.

1 & 2 up the steps, 3 & 4 around the end

3 & 4 through here, 4’s over the lowest portion of the wall, 3’s over the
next level

1 & 2 come down over the dog house, 2’s over the wall by my feet, 1’s
over the bit closer to the trailer 

Simple run out to the thistle over the block rubble

Two more sections complete and ready for tape and cards so with 30mins left before o’beer 30  time
to make a start on “Tin Can Alley”. Here it is in the rough and will need a lot of pruning.

A lot more pruning required but now you can see the 1st hazard and the
line over it…… more next time

A few days away from clipping and pruning so time to get back at it today and make a few more ready
for taping. The second phase of Tin Can Alley to finish and its friend on the hillside. The sage gets the
heave-ho along with branches various and at last we have a sporting clear run at the section.


The other side of the first hazard for 1 & 2

From the top and a birdseye 1/2 view. 3’s around the rock and up to my
bag and saw inside the big sage. 4’s around the sage

Up the pruned hill

1 & 2 straight up, 1’s to the right. 3/4 exit stage left around the beautifully trimmed juniper tree

On to the next which was originally called “The Grassy Knoll”……… here it is in the rough.

Complete with all the brush

The big rock on the left with all it’s sage and vegetation

The start for 1/2/3 without the brush

3’s straight down the dirt for a left 180 on the knoll. 1/2 across the rock

Just seen a “cheater” line for the 1’s so now 1’s come across this rock

Straight up for 3 & 4.


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