With surgery rejected life switches back to pills! however, trying to get to speak/see the Doctor is proving  difficult with some dumb arsed receptionists who don’t seem to understand!

Thursday, and not recovering from surgery, (thank God) and  Durango and Cortez are up to speed, so progress is being made despite the hiccups. It looks like Cortez will have the pills tomorrow so I should be starting this weekend.

From what a Durango nurse has told us it is 6 pills a day for two weeks, then a week off, and then back to the cycle which is food first then  pills ……. 12 hours break then food and pills. ……….. and as far as can be seen ……… that’s for life!……… however long that may be ??

The ultra expensive pills are here! thank goodness our special prescription rate covers them (I was fearing the worst) but I’m very happy they are not going to break the bank. I was also in Infusion again at South West and the port, which hadn’t been used since 12/20/19, functioned perfectly much to my surprise.



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  1. Best Wishes for a fabulous recovery with zero dabs, Tony! Hope to see you on the AHRMA National Trials circuit again in 2020 with one of your meticulously crafted Yamahas! Your building and riding skills have always been an inspiration to me.

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