Weeding over!
Now to replant

The weeding she is finished! Now clean the car and on with other duties ….. well that was the plan. However, moved the car and the check engine light has gone out …… now what ? Phone the shop and they said OK so saved $484 for the time being. Off again on a beer quest and I’m now restocked.

De-fluffed of Cottonwood

3 days of intensive weeding has left the body a bit tired and the odometer about 75 miles behind schedule. Today I’m planning an earlier start and then a visit to a few plant nurseries and even Walmart, to see what stocks are left and hopefully pick up the sap remover. Need to get the Beemer ready just in case the man from Grand junction follows through and pays me a visit.

Nearly threw this one out and then I noticed it was growing

No time to waste, so on with the kit and let’s get on the road. Not too bad, a bit cooler, a few more clouds, but 27.53 puts me in a position to pass another goal if I take a second ride later this afternoon. Second ride completed and the total for the day 38.61 which takes me through the 900 banner after 3 days off gardening.

Now we approach the start of this year’s Tour De France and the end of the month along with , hopefully, a new plan in the cancer battle.

Starts on Saturday

We had the arrival of long time visitor, Howard, who has been living off the grid down in Arizona but was ordered out by the Rangers as a fire was getting too close and now all the AZ forests are closed. Forced to move my car back under the Cottonwood and then the temps shot down and it rained!

Some serious rain at last

I still have lots to do, plants, Beemer, the quest for miles, fill out my PERA forms, and clean up the workshop again. Beemer battery checks out fully charged, bike reduced to $6400, let’s hope it sells. Ride goes well with another 32.54. Pera forms all printed, I wonder how much this one will be worth this time around, I’ll guess about 3K?

Not a great start to the morning as we are in a showery belt of rain and that could last all day. Some things I can do while the cycling is on hold, fit the NEW Beemer battery which tested fully charged, Complete those PERA forms and give the bed an oil change. Showers and high winds all day! However I got a few miles in regardless and a hard earnt 14.27 is in the box. Now it’s time for 3 weeks of Tour De France!


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