I seem to have so many tasks and projects on the go, let alone the ones I WANT to get to, I feel like a
Plate Spinner dashing round twiddling the sticks to keep the show up and running.

The garden tasks were achieved and all looks good apart from the routine maintenance of mowing,
strimming and with summer watering keeping the weeds under control. Bin door struts replaced on
the Safari, the Saturday loop trail established,  Honey I’m Home a work in progress.

Current plates in the air and spinning;

Day 1 sections
Day 2 sections
Honey I’m Home wall cuts
Safari cooling problems, leaking tire, generator
Event insurances
Practice, practice, practice
Event flyers
Local paper article
Build a Tiger Cub !
New riders

The Honey I’m Home section is complete to my satisfaction, the BMW has been cleaned again, tires pumped up and should be tagged this afternoon. The Event flyers should be here today, not sure
where UPS is but he seems to be running late.

Day 1 sections are now all nominated, unless I find something better, and just need line cleaning
and branch removal and a bit of rock rolling under the bridge for section 11.

Day 2 sections still need to be finalised and sorted, but the loop will be plain sailing and much, much shorter. Hopefully the water will be going down in Lost Canyon Creek and I can get in there and start
cutting a path.

UPS made it about 2 hours late with a new driver so off into Cortez to tag the BMW which ran out last
October. No waiting, unlike the misery of Arizona, and round to the Honda dealership and put up 2 of
the flyers even finding yet another trials rider who has recently bought a 2001 Gas Gas. Back to
Dolores, Vincent shop still closed, so down to Chamber of Commerce and drop one off there as they
are running the Parade. Drop off another at the Liquor Store, who were inandated with questions last
year. One at the grocery where I’ve been seeing bikes in pickups on Sunday mornings and one more
over at the Brewpub.

Flyers up!

The Flyer mission continues today using the BMW as transport for a run into Durango, a few more
stops in Dolores, and the BMW shop in Mancos. Local Giant Gas Station, the Town Hall, the new bar
The Riverside, The Fun Center bikes and skidoos, then 50 miles into Durango and the main BIG Fun
Center, Harley Davidson (see I’m not biased), and the Honda dealership. Back to Mancos and the
BMW repair shop and the day is done. All flyers keenly accepted and everybody seems to know some
one who has a trials bike……. we will see.

Thursday 20 June, what to do today? Leaning towards the Day 2 sections. I have 10, 11 and 12 done
so now time to find 1-9. I need to walk up Lost Canyon Creek which is a bit overgrown and see how
these will play out. Also need to cut some offending brush on Casey’s inbound road which is pin
striping the car on every visit. Could also finish Saturday 10 which is on the hill on the return portion
of the loop and start some rock rolling under the bridge for Saturday 11.

Seems I’ve lost the pruning saw so another wasted hour looking for same to no avail. Back to the
hardware store and buy another one as the show must go on. Running out of time the decision is to
debranch pin stripe alley and cut out Saturday 10. Saturday 10 shapes up well and will be called
“The Cat Face”

From the start 1/2 to the right of the tree, 3/4 below

1/2 ride the crumbly adverse of “Litter Box Alley”

3’s join in between the rock and the tree and ride the adverse turning left before the flat embedded slabs

Yes, 1’s over the biggun

3/4 between the rock and the tree. Not sure whether this rock is a 1 or a 2

Anyhoo, off that big one, then 1’s up “The Cat Face”, 2’s over the body

Back to the bridge and some rock rolling to make the start areas easier for Section 11. Looks good
enough to me !

The 4th Street Bridge for 11. The design down the parapet reminds me of
the Forth Rail Bridge….. must be all those SSDT’s 

Home for lunch and send off the insurance details so another plate comes down and on to the next.
Afternoon mission a lot of branch and sapling removal to make Saturday 12 a cracking section over
natural river rock with maybe a little mud thrown in. Too much clipping and a giant blister appears
from all the secateur work. Not happy ! Lets have a walk through 12 and see if you like it ?

The start of 12, either hug the bushes or off the flat diving board

Coming round the bend, either low or high ?

Further round the bend

3/4 straight on by the big rock, 1’s turn right for a step up on the long flat
one. Uphill finish to where the car is. Sorry, where do the 2’s go ? Now
come on, you seriously didn’t think we were not going to use the big
mother ? 

Oh, you mean THIS rock, 2’s only

Uphill exit for everybody

Looking back from the ENDS card of 12

So now its Friday, but the Trialsmaster’s duties never end especially when the whole thing is on your doorstep. 1st choice will be Day 2 sections and the loop. A lot easier than the Day 1 setup and there
is precious little danger of getting lost.

Main attack will be the river bottom, getting in and out and looking for 4-6 in there of the 9 I need and
a couple of spares up my sleeve. Bumped into Casey on my way and gave him some posters. He is
looking very seriously at a TY350, one owner with only 60 miles on it. In further discussion it seems
he owns another piece of land which includes the river bank for 800 yards from the 4th Street Bridge.

A quick visit and I can see a couple here. So the sequence begins again with more walking and
lines, branch hacking etc.

Plates still Spinning

Day1 Sections
Day2 Sections and loop
Local paper article
Build a Cub
Practice !!


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